Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 455 (Week 64) -  Another week in the field

Well this week we went to Santa Ana in Tuesday. We visited Gerardo and Walter. It was Walter's birthday. We bought him a cake and ate it with their family. He was so happy to be remembered. We then helped them pull weeds in their garden. Then when we got home to Santa Elena we visited Martita and in the night time we went with Brenda. She wants so badly to get married this week and get baptized. We also visited a crazy investigator that we found last week named Miguel. He believes that he has the power to heal people and talk to spirits. Also, he said that an angel appeared to him and told him why we a dip above our lips. Weird person alert! Wednesday we visited our recent convert named Auri in her paca (it is a used clothes store.) Well, we remodeled it and now it looks fantastic! Then in the night time we did some visits with a member. It was a pretty productive day. Thursday we had a district meeting and then we dedicated a good chunk of time to finding new people because we don't have very many investigators who are progressing right now. We found a new family that day and we are really excited about. We also visited our crazy investigator again. he was weird like always. He is an inventor and doesn't believe what we teach. I think we are a going to drop him. Friday was good. We knocked some doors and went to a relief society activity and some investigators came. We also talked to the branch president about donating food to the family of Gerardo and Walter and he agreed. The next morning we went to the store and bought the food. There were 3 large boxes full of food. We took it to Santa Ana and the family was so excited. I don't think they have ever seen so much food in their house before. I am just happy that their stomachs will be full. We visited Brenda in the night time. After this visit, we were not sure if her baptism would be this week. The next day in church, the president of the branch told her that he wanted to talk to her after church. We waited for her and she went into his office.  When she came out she was determined that this week would be her baptism. We are really excited for her. 
Yesterday was a long day of meetings and in the night time a member fed us.  It was a good Sunday. Today we had a water fight with our district again, which was really fun in this heat.  Today at 5, we have interviews with president.  I will have to tell you about them next week.
Next week is changes so we will see if I stay here or go to another area. To be honest I think I am going to leave and my companion is going to stay here and train, but I guess we will see.

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