Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 448 (Week 63) - Good days

This week was amazing!!!!!

Monday we had FHE's in the night time. Tuesday we went to Santa Ana. We left earlier this day than usual so that we would have more time to visit people. We arrived at about 10 am. We went to our visit as planned and then a family there, who are members had a reference of a family for us. We went to visit them and they were really nice. Their names are Rudy and Elisa. They have a lot of potential to progress because they are looking for a change in their lives. They also want their family to be more unified. They were great. When we finally got back to Santa Elena, it was about 3. We hadn't eaten lunch, so we ran really fast to get something to eat. We were a little sad because that night we went to visit Edgar, but he wasn't there. We called and he didn't answer. We thought he was hiding from us. Also, we had to drop some other investigators who were not progressing. That is the saddest part of being a missionary; dropping investigators. You know that what you have will help them and you learn to love the people so fast. It sucks, when you have to leave them and move on. The rest of that day we had a hard time getting lessons.
Wednesday was a hard day to have lessons too. But we did something fun. We went to a visit with a recent convert and she has a used-clothes store. She asked us to help her remodel a little. We put up rods on her wall to hang up clothes. It was a fun service. Thursday we did our weekly planning in the morning, then we left to do some visits. We had a great lesson in the night time. We visited a lady named Samara. She had a ton of questions about the Book of Mormon and accepting what we say as truth. The member that was with us shared a powerful testimony and the spirit was present. Friday we had a really awesome Zone meeting. We talked about how to put and keep baptism dates and then how to have baptisms. We also talked about being motivated and how we can find motivation even when we are tired. That was a really good message for me, because I have been really tired lately. It inspired me to keep going strong. After we looked for new people, but we actually didn't find anyone. We asked for references and knocked doors, but it seemed that know one wanted us.
Saturday, we went to Santa Ana in the morning again. We visited Rudy and Elisa and they seemed even more interested this time. We also visited Gerardo, Walter and Miguel. They are sick and we have been visiting them for a couple weeks now. We were really sad this time when we visited them because they told us that they don't have food. They cant work, because they have bone and nerve problems and their mom has to take care of them. Their dad doesn't live with them. We realized that they are literally starving. We are planning that the members of the branch can donate food to help them. That evening we visited Samara again and it was another good lesson. Then we got a new investigator who was little weird. He is a reference of a less active member. This guy's name is Miguel. He told us that he felt that our spirits were good and pure and that is why he let us into his house. He also told us that he has visited churches where spirits talk to you through mediators. Weird person right?
Also, this day we started a fast with Brenda. This was her first fast. and we were fasting that she could have a wedding and baptism date. We decided to pass by her house in the night on the way home and she told us something Magnificent. Her husband said that he wants to get married and they even are going to look at rings. She is planning for the 15th of this month!!!!!! We were so excited that we started to cry a little. When we got home we started jumping up and down and screaming like 5 year olds. We were sooooooo excited. Miracles happen!!!! Sunday We had 6 investigators in church(that is a personal record). We also visited Brenda again. She is so excited, especially because it will be before changes and the both of us will be here to see her baptism. Today, we planned volleyball with our zone and then after had a water balloon fight. It was really fun. Then we went to eat pizza. Tonight we have a lesson planned with Samara. I hope it goes well. 
Here is a picture of me in the internet cafe right now.

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