Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 462 (Week 65) - A Wedding and a baptism!

This week was a really, really busy week, but a really exciting week too.
So, Monday we had interviews with President and it went really well. He taught me about the nature of God and how humble our Heavenly Father is, that even in the first vision, He doesn't draw attention to Himself, instead, He presents His Son and tell us to listen to Him. I also had a great conversation with Hermana Curtiss.  She asked about you all, and I was so excited to tell her about how you would be getting sealed to your parents.  We finished our interviews at about 8:45 pm, so President and Hermana Curtiss offered to take us home in their car.  But, we are going to throw a little test into this story....Remember how I am not very good with directions. Yeah, well, it is a good thing President Curtiss is a patient man. The little 10 minute drive turned into a half hour drive, of doing some circles and asking directions....Whoops!! ("Did I do that?" -Steve Urkle).
Tuesday we went to Santa Ana and found some new investigators there. It was fun. In the night time we visited Brenda and helped her prepare for her wedding and baptism. We planned to do them both on Saturday. Wedding in the morning, Baptism in the night and she put us in charge of finding an attorney to marry them. We thought it would be easy because we already had some names of members that would supposedly do it for free. The next day Brenda invited us over for lunch. We ate a ton of food and I thought I was going to explode. Then we left to go do some visits. During the day we found some one who said they wanted to help with the wedding and would do it for free. We were excited and told Brenda. Then in the night time we went over baptism interview questions. She knew all the answers perfectly. 
Thursday we had planned that we would call the attorney at 3:30 to find out where to meet to look at all the paperwork. We called her and she did not answer. We were at Brenda's house at this time. We called the attorney about a dozen more times. She never answered. So we asked the elders if they had other names of people we could call and they only had one name. We called him and he told me to call back in a couple hours. We left to do a visit and then returned to Brenda's house to call the attorney. By then it was 7pm. He told us that he was going out of town the next day early in the morning and could do it in a half hour and he would make it really cheap for us, just 100Q. I asked Brenda what she and her husband thought.  They just said, well, let me shower real fast and then we can go. So, big surprise the wedding was Thursday night. It was a secret from almost everyone, so it was just my companion, the member that was with us, the bride and groom, the attorney and his wife and me. But it was a cute wedding nevertheless. 
 Friday we had Brenda's interview and of course she passed. We found her baptism clothes and we visited some less active members in the night time. 
Saturday! The great day had finally arrived. Brenda's husband, Elias invited us over for lunch with him and his new wife ( Mrs. Brenda Santisteban). But before lunch we left early, at 9 to go to Santa Ana. We did some visits there then hurried our little buns to lunch. It was super delicious spaghetti. We did a visit before the baptism and then we went to pick up Brenda and her daughter. They were so excited. We got her changed and by the time we finished taking pictures everyone was there. We had a good number of members and investigators come. The baptism was my favorite in all of my mission. I cried. My companion cried. Brenda cried a lot. It was super beautiful and a member even helped with snacks for afterwards. 
That night our leaders called to tell us that Hermana Orellana was leaving and I was staying, but they didn't no where and with whom. 
Sunday we spent all day saying goodbye to members and taking pictures of my companion. In the afternoon the assistants to President called to tell me that I would be training one more time. 
So last night we packed up Hermana Orellana and cleaned the house and then at 6 this morning I left for Coban so that I can pick up my new companion tomorrow. 
This has been my amazing week of miracles.



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