Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 420 (Week 59) -  Out And About

First thing, I will not be fat for a very long time, but I do look healthier. I am eating a lot more now. I eat like I did when I first was in the mission (that would be an amount of a lot of food). My companion always says "wow, como comió tanta comida tan rápido?" that is translated to "how did you eat so much food so fast?"
So, lets talk about this week and the great things we saw.
Monday I wasn't feeling good and we ended up staying home that night so that I could get to bed early. But Tuesday I got up bright and early and felt great. So that day we left and worked and we didn't get any new investigators but we still felt good to be able to leave and work. Wednesday we had a member in the night time and we got to go visit some less active members and a family that we had been working with. We had a great night. Then on Wednesday we decided to go look for some girls that we had contacted in the street one time. We went and knocked on their door and a middle aged woman came to the door. She let us in and I saw that it was room renting place. So there are basically like a bunch of apartments (rooms) in the same building structure. We sat down with her and started talking, then her husband came, then one of the girls we were looking for, then  another, by the end of the visit there were 11 people listening to us, just one of them was under the age of 8. We left with 10 new investigators who were all anxious and excited to hear our message. It was a miracle. Thursday we put a baptism date with an investigator that we have been visiting for a while for the 27 of June. We are really excited. We also were able to put a date with one of our new investigators from the night before for the 11 of July. Friday we had a Zone meeting in the morning and I learned about the importance of looking for the needs of the investigators and asking good questions. So this week we have been working on asking more questions on our lessons and I have to say that it makes a big positive difference when you ask more inspired questions. The investigators are more interested and involved in the lessons. One example of this is from Saturday when we taught a lady that we had met on the street one day. We sat down with her and started asking her lots of questions about her life and then her religion and then her beliefs about her religion and God in general. We really quickly realized that number one she doesn't want to listen to our message, number two she has a lot of confusion about The Truth and number three she is this way because her dad is a pastor from another church. The lesson was really short but I learned a ton by this experience. Saturday the other Hermanas had a baptism and we were able to go and see it. In the night time we got our changes. I am staying with Hermana Orellana for another Change!!!!!!!!! Yahoo!!!!!
Sunday was really quiet, but one cool thing that happened is that we found a new family that is interested in hearing our message. They seem really great and I am excited to teach them.

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