Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 413 (Week 58) - Bed Rest

Well, this week was good. Monday we didn't have a lot of visits. Tuesday, I left for a little while in the afternoon to visit some people and we came back a little early.  On Wednesday we did the same thing. We figured we should take it kind of easy because I was still technically on rest. Then Thursday we had a district meeting and our zone leaders found out that I had been working. They were not very happy with me and made me stay home the rest of the day and rest a little the next day. So, that day, Hermana Sorensen who too, was still on rest orders came to my house and we slept and talked and slept some more. Then, on Friday she came again. this day I told her the story of Lord Of The Rings. She said for sure she had been in the house for too long, because the story was very interesting to her. Then we slept early. Saturday, my companion and I got invited to help with a Relief Society activity and have a fun scripture game. We played Jeopardy. The ladies loved it! Then I went to Hermana Sorensen´s house to rest. They had told me that I needed to rest because my platelets were still growing back and they didn't want them to fall again. So I rested. I slept a lot that day. Sunday I got up feeling good and we went to church. We had one of our baptismal dates there. Her name is Brenda and her baptismal date is set for the 16th of June. The other investigators we had there was a family. We have been teaching family morals this whole change and they have progressed a ton. We feel like they will be married and baptized this Saturday. We have been praying so much for them and will go to visit them tonight so that they can get married and baptized on Saturday. Sunday in the afternoon, I wasn't feeling very good, I threw up, I think it was something that didn't sit well, that I ate at the Relief Society activity. You know how that goes...
Today I rested and my companion made lemonade that she said would help with my stomach ache. I already feel better. We bought ice cream and will head back to the house after writing. And then go to a visit.
Remember I am a fighter. That is why I had a smile on my face. Nothing will get me down.  Do your exercise and eat vegetables. 

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