Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 406 (Week 57) - Time In The Clinic

Well mom here is my side of the story, I am sure you won't like any more or any less than the other ones you have heard. So, starting with last week, on Friday I wasn't feeling very good, we went to the doctor and they said I have Chikungunya. So we rested the rest of the week. Monday, we felt good, so we had an FHE and then returned home. Also, Monday I had stop by the doctor's clinic to pick up some papers, I took the opportunity to weigh myself and I weighed in at 106 lbs. Tuesday, we were feeling tired and my Chikungunya rash came back, so my companion turned into my mother and told me that I had to stay in bed and rest. So, I did. Then Wednesday, I got up and still had the rash and was still tired, but this time, I felt nauseous too. I went into the bathroom and threw up all my breakfast (I will not be eating Coco Puffs for a while). Then the Bakes (seƱor couple in Peten) stopped by to fix our smoke alarm and they found out I had thrown up. I was brushing my teeth and getting ready for the day when out of the blue, Sister Bake called me and told me that Hermana Curtiss had commands that we get sent to the clinic immediately. So, we called a moto-taxi and went to the clinic. They tested my blood and found out that I still had Chikungunya and that my blood Platelets were really low and they were going to keep me over-night for observations. They gave me an IV (don't worry dad, it was just saline) (and I watched them open the new needle) and they kept me hooked to that all day and night so that I wouldn't get dehydrated. They gave me an injection for my nausea too. My companion took Tylenol for her fever and I took Tylenol for the pain in my body. By the evening Hermana Sorensen came by to check on us. she looked awful and had the same rash I had. My companion was already doing fine, so they let her go. But Hermana Sorensen was starting Dengue. So, she stayed at the clinic for observation. Her fever was really high. they gave her Tylenol too. and we stayed there for 2 days and 2 nights together. If we both weren't sick it would have been like a weird sleepover. hahahaha. On Thursday in the morning, they said my blood platelets fell over night, but by Friday morning, my platelets were raising. Friday evening, I stayed with Hermana Sorensen and Hermana Gomez and Hermana Orellana went out to work for a little while and search for food. We ate at the sisters house and then went home in the night time. They next day there was a baptism, Hermana  Orellana needed to direct the hymns, so she went with Hermana Gomez, and I stayed with Hermana Sorensen. We watched the Joseph Smith video. In the Clinic, we watched a lot of church videos and played 20 questions about a million times to keep us occupied. Also, we gave away copies of the Book of Mormon to the nurses taking care of us. Sunday, we went to church, came home, ate, slept, ate again, and then slept more. Today, I got my blood tested again and my platelets are raising. YAY!!!!!!!!!! Also, I gained 4 lbs! YAY!!!!!!!!! (Now I only have to gain 15 more lbs to be at normal weight YIPPEE!!!!)(hashtagihopeyoucanfeelthesarcasm)
Well, today I hung out with Hermana Sorensen again so that our companions weren't trapped in the house for forever. I am feeling better. The doctor from the clinic said I shouldn't work for 6 days, so I get to start working on Thursday. I felt really bad about our data for this week. Our highest number for the things we completed this week was 7 and that is number of days lost for sickness :( I know this next week will be good, We have a lot of hope for some really good investigators, we just have to jump right in working really hard. 

Also, I asked that President and Hermana Curtiss call you, I thought you would want to hear the news from someone official, before Monday when I wrote you. I am sorry if it worried you more. Also, the clinic that I stayed at was approved by President and Hermana Curtiss, the people there took really good care of us. We are doing way better because they did a good job and caught the problem before it got too serious. 

Also, I am putting on lots of bug spray and my companion makes me eat all of my food so that I can gain weight back.  Hermana Curtiss has called us everyday to know how we are doing. I know that I will be okay. 
Just remember "many called and few are chosen." this applies to missionary work and the fact that many people get bitten by mosquitoes and only a select few get sick. So, that means that I go above and beyond.


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