Friday, June 12, 2015

Day  392 (Week 55) - Zone Conference

This week was a fun one. On Tuesday we got up bright an early and did our studies and then we went to work. We worked really hard and tried to have a lot of visits, but it just wasn't going how we wanted. We were happy when we got home because we knew tried as hard as we could. Wednesday, we had a special zone conference. Elder Alonzo from the quorum of the 70 came to talk to us and give us cincho. Hermana Curtiss.  He talked about consecration. President Curtiss talked about feeling the Holy Ghost. Sister Alonzo talked about the personal changes we should have here on the mission. Elder Alonzo talked to us about many things. About integrity, about the plan of salvation about sacrifices (Abraham and Isaac), about the atonement and that the story about the good Samaritan is not about service, it is about the Atonement of Jesus Christ, he is the only One that can save us. I learned so much and was really inspired to be a better missionary.
We got to eat lunch and then my district had its turn to clean the chapel, so we stayed after to do that. Then we left and went to work. Thursday, something Miraculous happened. We put a baptismal date with a girl named Astrid. She is ten years old. The last missionaries tried to baptize her, but the mom said no. We hadn't met the mom yet, but we told Astrid that if she prayed with a lot of faith, God would help her mom to give her permission to get baptized. So we had been praying and she was praying and we went to visit her and met the mom for the first time. The mom is deaf and cannot talk. But, Astrid, showed her a picture of Christ getting baptized and explained that she wanted to get baptized. Her mom nodded her head and then looked at us and gave us a thumbs up. We were so happy, that I may or may not have shed a couple of tears. Astrid is so excited. Her mom was super nice to us and when we gave her a hug, she got super excited and started showing us all the pictures of her kids and family. I think we get a long well with the mom now. 
Friday we had weekly planning. We went to the island of Flores to visit a recent convert that we had only met one time. She was really nice, really, really shy. We started introducing ourselves and she opened up really fast and by the end it was like we were her best friends. We also, had a visit with an investigator who is progressing a lot. Her name is Brenda. She had told us that she prayed about the church and knows that it true. She is going to pray about baptism. Saturday We bought roses for the women in our area who have taken good care of us for Mother's day. Then we had a ward activity in the night time for Mother's day. Also, I forgot that in the morning, we got locked in one of the parts of our house and had to escape. God gave us strength to brake the window and then sent an angel (a member from the branch) to randomly pass by our house and check on us. He helped us buy a new window and install it. and it was really cheap too. Way to go Guatemala!!!!!
Sunday was an amazing day! I got to talk to my beautiful family that I miss. it was so nice to talk to you and hear your voices. It made me really happy. I love you all. I love it here and will miss Guatemala, but I know when my time ends I will be ready to see you all. I love you and hope your week goes well.

There is a picture of me and Hermana Faught on her last day. Also, of me and my companion at the zone conference and one more, but I already forgot what it is. (Short term memory loss?)


Okay, the third picture was our romantic dinner for two last night of eggs and beans and strawberry drink mix. 



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