Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 385 (Week 54) - A Short Letter

This week was an interesting one ( just like all the others).
Monday we had a normal p-day. Then in the night time we had what felt like a million Family home evenings. We ran from house to house. Hiked a mountain ate pizza and returned home exhausted. We finished packing up our things and went to bed.
Tuesday we got up and had to be at the church building at 8:30, but there was a traffic problem so we didn't get there until 9. We had to be there for a meeting for the trainers. We had the meeting and then waited for a few hours for the new people to come. When they came we had a meeting with them so they could learn about the basic rules and info about the mission. Then we ate lunch and listened to President and Hermana Curtiss. Then we hopped on a bus and got to our area at about 10.30 at night. We were really tired so we put down our bags and just slept.
Wednesday we woke up and unpacked our things. Cleaned and reorganized the house because it was a disaster and then we left in the night to contact and knock some doors.
My companion is really excited about working. She is great. Her name is Hermana Orellana. She is from Honduras. I am really excited to be her companion.
Thursday we had a district meeting and we got invited over to meet one of the families in the branch in the night time.
Friday we had weekly planning in the morning and then we had a member that went with us in the evening. We got to know some members and more of our area.
Saturday, a member went with us in the night time to show us the island of Flores(you should look it up on google)-. It is beautiful.
Sunday was good. We got to hear the testimonies of the members and even had an investigator in church.

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