Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 378 (Week 53) - A Crazy Week

Well, this week was about as crazy as it gets.
To tell you the whole story, we need to back track to Saturday. Saturday night we were visiting a less active member. We have been helping her family a lot and we have seen a  ton of progress. Well during our visit, she started talking to her niece in front of us and told us that we would be witnesses of this conversation. Her tone changed really fast and she started to yell. After a while I began to feel very uncomfortable and felt like we needed to leave. I stood up and made a comment about the contention I was feeling and was very direct and clear about how I felt. She was quite offended by my boldness and told me that my companions are welcome in her house, but that I may never step foot in her house again, so we left.
I was really frustrated and basically cried like a baby for a half hour or more. When we got home I immediately wrote an apology letter and hoped that I could talk to her on Sunday. Sunday, she wasn't at church and we passed by her house and no one answered. Monday in the morning we stopped by her house and she very calmly told my companions that I am still not welcome there. Later that day a member called us. This member is named Regina and she is my favorite member in this ward. Well she is friends with this offended member and the offended called her and told her that I was yelling at her and Regina told us that she wanted the whole story. We went to her house for a Family-home-cookie-baking-and story-confessing-night. I told her the story and she didn't think I was in the wrong. The next day, the offended member told us that she wanted to talk to us. In the morning I woke up with an insane pain in my lower right tummy (I don't know how to be technical) and my companions were really scared that I had appendicitis, so they made me call the nurse. The nurse told me to go immediately to the clinic and get a white blood cell count. We left right away. The old lady was taking my blood and I looked at the blood and started to feel a little light headed. I told her "I don't like to see blood, it makes me......" Next thing I knew my companions were surrounding me telling me to speak Spanish and explain to smell a weird cotton ball that smelled like alcohol.  Yep, you guessed it, I passed out for my first time. I guess, because I am so skinny and didn't eat a ton in the morning, my body reacted really fast. It scared the crap out of my companions. But good thing is that I don't a have appendicitis. I did however have two types of parasites and already took my treatment and should be Bug free (Yippee!!!) But I will talk about this later.
After the fiesta at the clinic, I went home and napped a little bit. That night I went to the offended members house and she told me that she had a dream with me in it and realized that I am not a bad person and that she needed to ask forgiveness. She said she already read my apology note and that I was already forgiven. We are friends again. Wednesday we had interviews with president and I had a really long interview, because I told him about the problem with the member and asked for advice. Thursday I went in for my parasite test. and they told me what I had . The nurse wanted me to take 2 more tests. Thursday I took another test. Friday I took the last one. We went out to work and I started to throw up and feel really achy all over my body. So I went home. Hermana Hernandez stayed with me while Hermana Naeata went with a member. Saturday I still felt awful, but I took my parasite medicine. My companions made me stay home with a member all day. I basically slept all day. Then in the night time our district leader called us telling us about changes, that Hermana Naeata would be leaving I would stay with Hermana Hernandez. I was okay with that because I am starting to get along well with my companions. Sunday, I was feeling a 110% better and went to church and worked. In the night we came home and Hermana Naeata started to pack. We still didn't know who her companion would be. In the night time our district leader called us again and told us that there was a mistake, that yes, Hermana Naeata was leaving but I would be leaving too. I am going to Peten again, but this time I am going to train. I am going to an area called Flores, it is super duper close to Santa Elena and really, really hot there. I am excited and will find out who my companion is tomorrow. 
Sidenote: Hermana Faught goes home this week. I am happy for her, but am sad to see her leave.

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