Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 371 (Week 52) -  A New Corte

 This week was a really busy one for me. It felt like we went nonstop. It started with Monday and our corte hunting. I bought a beautiful blue corte, it has sparkles and a lovely design. I bought it for 260 Q, which is amazing. The starting price was 700Q. Then I bought a Guipil (pronounced wee-peel) (I am not actually sure I spelled it right) (It is the white top). There are pictures attached. Then we had not just 1 FHE, not 2 FHE's, but THREE Family Home Evenings. We literally ran from visit to visit and entered the house absolutely exhausted. Tuesday was a really normal day, but we had lots of visits. The only thing that was new is that one of our investigators who is really interested went on visits with us. Wednesday we had a district meeting. It was really good, we talked about the importance of teaching the restoration and doing it in a form that people will understand it. Thursday I completed a year and my companions made me happy 1 year signs and put them on my desk. They are super sweet. Our investigator went with us again to visit people. We had a ton of visits and found a new family. Friday was weekly planning and we had an activity in the night with some of the ward members. We got to do divisions during the day with a member. Saturday we got around and did our personal study and then went over to a less active member's house to read the Book of Mormon with her and her family. In the night time we had a visit with a member to see how their daughter was doing because she sprained her ankle (that is where my kung fu, karate master picture comes from). Sunday we went to visit the new family we had found earlier in the week and let me just say they are awesome. All of them had read what we had left for the in the last time and they all had questions about what they read. That  is not something we get everyday. Also, yesterday, It rained cats and dogs. We were so wet when we got home in the night time. 

I am sorry that my message isn't that long this week. But I want you to know that I am doing well, I have great companions who help me when I need it. My health is fine too. I haven't been tested for parasites yet, but I think we will try to do that. My stomach hasn't bothered me too bad this week. Also, We won't get changes until next Sunday.

Also,  now that I have just 6 months left, I want to let you in on some goals that I have set for during and after my mission. 

1. I want to finish and reread the Book of Mormon (I am in Jacob right now)
2. I am going to continue to keep a diary
3. I am going to continue to work with my Christlike attributes (especially patience)
4. I didn't want this before my mission, but I want to try to get into BYU after the mission
5. I am going to give more service

I hope you like my goals and this inspires you to make some goals that you would like to achieve in the future. Maybe you can do a FHE about this.

The random one is from a t-shirt shop, I like where it says Jesus is my King


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