Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 364 (Week 51)  (ONE YEAR!!) - A Funny Story

Hey, I got a year!!!!!!!!!

To celebrate I am buying a corte today. I know I have said a few times that I would buy a corte, but to be honest I ended up buying some really cool things for the family instead, but this time it is for certain. I will take a picture of it when I get it and send it to you next week. 
To answer your question, my health is doing fine. I have had stomach pain, so I am going to take a parasite test this week, maybe today. Also I still only weigh 115. I haven't gained anything in the last month. I will keep trying :)
I don't like to think about the fact that I am going to have a year. I will be excited to come home one day, but the mission goes by really fast and everyone says that the last six months are the fastest. I just want to enjoy every moment of the mission. I promise that I will continue to work hard everyday. I don't want to come home feeling like I slacked off.
So, this week, Monday in the night, the sister trainer leaders called us and told us that we would be doing divisions the next day. 
So the next day we had divisions. I was with Hermana Hernandez and Hermana Andersen. It was a fun day. We had lots of visits. Well it was fun until the night time. That night we had planned to visit an investigator. When we got to his house he was busy, so he asked if we could sit and wait. We didn't mind and he said he wouldn't be that long so we sat on the floor and waited for him. That is when the chaos started. He has an aunt who lives in the states. She was visiting her family here and she came out to talk to us. She started talking to me in English and wanted to know about my family, so I pulled out a picture of the five of us that I keep in my scriptures and she said that we have a beautiful family. (She also said that she thought dad was very, very handsome ;)) then she started to talk to me about her life in the states and how her husband is abusive and then she started throwing out the "F" word. At first I was startled and didn't know what to do, so I just kept listening. I tried to change the subject and asked her if she goes to church. She said no because of her job. I asked her if it is because she is just too busy and she responded telling me that it wouldn't be right for her to be a Christian because of her job. I looked at her confused and then she explained that she lives in Miami, working in the "entertainment business"  and I quote " doing a little dancing and things like that." You all know me so you probably know I was horrified. She then went on to explain that she needs to get a divorce and then the F word popped back into the conversation. We kept hoping that any minute the investigator would come in and save us form this torment, but it soon became evident that he wasn't coming anytime soon. So, thinking really fast, I looked at Hermana Hernandez and told her she didn't look so good, was she sick. She was confused and said she was fine, and then it clicked, she told me " Well the truth is her stomach and body are a little achy,"  So then the aunt asked her if she was pregnant, I almost started laughing out loud, but I kept my cool. My companion was persistent, that she needed to go home and rest and so we finally escaped from the house. I think the moral of the story is sometimes it is okay to lie if a Guatemalan, Miami prostitute is yelling the f word in your face. Real cute story huh...... Actually I don't know why I told you this. You should know in the end, we were laughing really hard about this story. Also, my companion is a really bad liar.
Wednesday, we had a district meeting and we found a new family in the evening. They are really sweet. Our biggest problem with them is that only the dad and the two oldest kids speak Spanish. The wife and the youngest son only speak Queqchi. Thursday was normal.  Friday we did service in the morning for an investigator who just had a surgery. We washed her clothes and helped clean the house. Then we had weekly planning. We had a lot of really good visits. In the night time we had an activity at a family's house from the ward. They invited us and some other ward members over for a kind of FHE,  It was fun and the snack was good. We even brought an investigator. Saturday was the day of food. We had correlation in the morning and then went out to lunch with the missionaries. Then afterwards, we stopped by a members house to wish her happy birthday.  They gave us cake. Then we went to another investigators house and she gave us fruit and then we got invited for a late lunch. Every visit we had, they gave us food. In the night time we went to visit a recent convert family and we helped them paint costumes for a celebration that their school is going to have  and guess what, they gave us dinner. I had never eaten so much in my life. I wanted to throw up. But, I guess it just shows that the people here love us and take care of us. Yesterday, we had a lot of investigators in church. We had like 6 people come and some of them were a family! After church a family from the ward invited us and the family we brought to church for lunch. I thought that was an amazing way to fellowship them.

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