Thursday, April 9, 2015

Day 357 (Week 50) - Back to Coban

So this week was super crazy!!!!!!!!!!!
Monday was a normal P-day we bought our groceries, swept the house, and ate lunch with our district. Then we had a family home evening in the night time. Then Tuesday I had a fever and felt really sick. I took Tylenol and then I felt better. I took a little nap and then was able to work in the afternoon. Almost all of our planned visits fell through, it really sucked bad. But we worked hard and even found 2 new investigators. 
Wednesday was the beginning of the craziness. I woke up and felt sick again. Then we had a district meeting in the morning. It was a really good district meeting and I learned a lot about the importance of working with members. Then in the afternoon we went to work. We visited 2 of our recent converts. We had really good lessons with them. then on our way to find a reference that someone gave us, we received a phone call....From the president of the mission......with some really bad news. I answered and he told me that my companion didn't know this yet but that she needed to go home. She had some personal problems that I didn't know about that she needed to take care of. That we needed to go home and pack up all our stuff because we would be leaving first thing in the morning. I would stay in Coban for the rest of the change and she would be returning to her house. He then asked to talk to her and he gave her the news. We were both really sad we tried to put on a happy face (as shown in one of the pictures) but we were really sad to be separated (also shown in one of the pictures). We had so many plans to do so many things, but our dreams got crushed :( 
That night we had correlation. We couldn't tell anyone that we were leaving, except for the elders that were taking over our area. That night we had to buy some things for the trip and then we went back to the house to change our skirts. One of our recent converts, her name is Aracely, she always tells me that she loves one of my skirts. To be honest, it is my favorite skirt, so I know why she likes it. We went by her house in the night and I left my skirt with her. She was really grateful and then really confused. We gave her a hug and then told her we had to go. It was really hard to say goodbye to her. When we got home we pulled out our 2 least favorite skirts and some matches. I had one I bought here. As a tradition when you have a year, you burn a skirt. Hermana Muñoz and I had the same cumplemes, so we planned to burn a skirt for her 18 months and my 12. It was our last night together so we burned then right then and there. It was a sad moment, but I was glad to do that with her. We then packed all our stuff took a shower and then we only were able to sleep for 2 hours before we had to get up again to go to the bus stop. We took a 2 hour bus to Santa Elena and then a 6 hour bus to Coban. We were both so tired. We finally got to Coban at 6 in the evening. We had to go to the mission office because my companion needed an interview with President. then we went over to the house of my new companions.
We were so exhausted and starving. The office elders brought us pizza then we slept. It was 8 when I fell asleep, I slept like a rock. Hermana Muñoz had to be at the bus stop at 6 in the morning so we got up early to go with her. We hugged her and then watched her get on a bus. After that my new companions and I went to the church building to play volleyball with the 2 other companionships in our ward. By now it is Friday and we went home to shower and study so that we could do weekly planning. My new companions for the next 3 weeks are Hermana Hernandez from Nicaragua and Hermana Naeata from Texas. They are really nice but I am having a hard time adjusting to the companionship. It is hard to just jump into an already established companionship. Also, they don't really get my sense of humor with sucks a bunch. I was sad to leave Poptun, but my new area is really beautiful. I sent some pictures. There are a lot of houses in the hills. It is really cool. Also this week is the Holy week for all the Catholics. They did some weird and cool things this week. They carried around a Jesus on a cross statue around the city at night and made some really cool rugs out of seeds. They are really colorful and pretty.

Saturday was a great day of Conference. I learned a lot about families and the Atonement and some things especially for me and how I look at the service I am giving. 
Sunday was a really excellent day of conference also. Between the sessions, all the missionaries in Coban ate lunch at the mission office with President and Hermana Curtiss. We ate hotdogs. 
In the night time we had a good visit and then it was time to return home. I told my companions that I wanted to get to know them better, so we made pancakes and pushed all our beds together and had a good chat session. I asked them a bunch of questions and they asked me. I feel better about our companionship, but still feel a little weird. Once again, they haven't understood any of my jokes. Maybe I am just not funny anymore. 

Then this morning our Zone had a BBQ. We ate undercooked hamburgers and fruit salad that I wasn't sure had been washed. Welcome to Guatemala. The food was good. Good thing I already have to get tested for Parasites this week. Which leads to my health. Right now I weigh 115. I still need to gain 15 according to the nurse. I have had some weird fevers in the last week and some bad stomach pains so they want me to get tested for parasites. Other than that everyone tells me I look great. 

I want to tell you about a personal goal I made before conference. I want to be more humble. During my mission I have noticed that, that is a problem I have. I have a bunch of pride. I want to get rid of it as best I can, but it is really hard. This conference has helped me make some goals on how I can slowly get rid of it. I hope when I get back you will be able to see a difference. 

I love you all so much.


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