Thursday, April 2, 2015

Day 350 (Week 49) -

Oh dear family, this week was a good and bad one. On Tuesday we had a Zone Conference. It was really good and really inspiring. The thing that stuck with me the most is when Pres. Curtiss was talking, he said that he is glad every week when he gets emails that say, "I am working hard," we should always be working hard, but that we don't really know what hard work is. We saw a clip of a talk that Pres. Eyring gave and he was talking about every time he feels tired and thinks he deserves a break that he tries to think of Jesus Christ and how even after He died and should have had a rest, He took time to organize and preach in the spirit world. We can always continue to work. Then Pres. Curtiss went on to explain that anyone who has ever thought that maybe they want to be a general authority, that they need to really learn how to work hard now. they never get a break, it is concentrated service for some of them, until they die. He reminded us that the word of wisdom gives a promise that we will be able to run and not be weary. I really liked what he had to say and it gave me a new resolve to work harder and put the Lord's work in first place.
I learned a lot during this conference. I also received a gift. The senior couple Elder and Hermana Bake gave us a white board to use while we are teaching. It really comes in handy. Since this is my companion's last change, I have inherited the white board really fast. I carry it around almost everywhere and is very useful for lessons. Also president and Hermana Curtiss wanted to know if anyone had investigators with baptismal dates. We said we did and they told us that was great and wanted to go visit her with us. Wow!  Surprise visit with your mission president. Can you say feel the pressure? We finished the conference with a big lunch and then they drove us back to Poptun. the car ride was a little awkward at first. we didn't know what to talk about, so they put in a cd with talks to for mission presidents. Then after the talk we talked. 
The lesson went well. I shouldn't have been nervous. We had the spirit and I learned a lot by watching them. We left and felt really good about Natividad and her baptism. Wednesday was a good day for contacting people in the street and lessons with member, but not so great with almost anything else. We didn't find any new people. Thursday was pretty normal and we were able to find 2 new people. Friday we had a sports night, where we played soccer. 2 of our investigators came and one of our recent converts. It was just us and the Elders here. It was fun, but it rained on us pretty hard. That is something funny about the people here. They don't take rain well. If it is rainy, they don't really leave their house....EVER!!! But what ever. Saturday we had the women's conference in the night time. It was really good. We had some less active sisters come to it, so we were excited. Sunday we worked really hard to find new people but no one wanted to accept us. Yesterday was palm Sunday ad there are a ton of Catholics here so all of them were getting together with family to celebrate was raining. We have had a lot of rain the last few days. All the locals are really confused. They all say " hay lluvia! No intiendo, porque ya es Verano." Or in other words " There is rain! I don't understand, because it is summer." This morning, we took a nap and I trimmed my hair a little bit. Also we ate a lot of food. Tonight we are going to have a family home evening with a less active family in our branch, I am excited. 
So, you may have noticed that, I didn't mention anything about a baptism. That is because when we went to visit Natividad she said she didn't feel ready. Right before the visit I felt like that would happen. We talked to her and she said that she felt like there were some things that she still needed to change in her life. We moved the date for in 2 weeks. I guess we will teach some good ole  repentance and see what happens.
Also, I sent some pictures today. They first one is to show how handy my new white board is and the second one is so that you can see what my companion looks like.


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