Thursday, April 2, 2015

Day 343 (Week 48) -

Monday I went to Santa Elena and spent P-day in the presence of the magnificent Hermana Faught and Fantastic Hermana Sorensen. That night we went to some family home evenings and they fed us and it was fun. Tuesday I spent all day with them again because my new companion was traveling from Coban. We worked hard and even got members to do divisions with us. Than that night my new companion came. Her name is Hermana Muñoz. She is from the Dominican Republic. She is 25 years old but looks like she is 16. She likes a lot of music in English and I am her first Gringa companion. She leaves at the end of this change so this is a fun end to her mission. She is super cute and laughs all the time. Also, her spirit animal for sure is a cute playful kitten. She is a convert to the church and has a really strong testimony of the gospel can change lives. Wednesday we traveled in the morning back to Poptun. then we went out to visit people. We had a lot of good visits. Especially in the night time. we visited a lady named Zuri and she was really interested. I think we will be able to put a baptismal date with her. Thursday we found a new investigator in the morning. Her name is Mayola. She is the sister of one of our other investigators.  She is really interested also. She is a really good baptism possibility. Then that night we had correlation. The new elders in Poptun are funny. One is from Peru. His name is Elder Rodriguez and he is our District Leader. He is training Elder Cluff. He is from Texas. It is funny to see them because Elder Cluff is really tall and really blonde and elder Rodriguez is a short Latino. They are nice and eat lunch with us everyday. Friday we had weekly planning and a surprise visit in the morning. The light guys came and threatened to turn off our light. My old companion had a light bill, hidden that was from the change before, it hadn't so I got to go and pay for that. Fun!! That afternoon we got a call from the Branch Pres. asking for help in the chapel. They were decorating for a baby shower for his wife. So we went and helped them. After we went to a visit and then returned to the Chapel to eat at the baby shower. After that we got invited to dinner at a members house because their son had a birthday. It was an exciting but weird day. Saturday we worked really hard to find new people. We walked a lot. At the end of the day we had 2 new people and 5 lessons in total. It was a good day. We returned to the house dead tired. Yesterday we walked a lot too. Our visits were far away, so we had to walk fast. We didn't have a lot of investigator lessons but visited a lot of less active members. Last night my companion and I talked and practiced our flour tortilla making skills and they turned out to be they best ones I have made. I really like my companion and we get along really well. 

 So mom I did stay healthy this week and it was a really hot week. April is supposed to be the hottest time of the year here, so I know I am going to be "Sweatin' like a sinna in church" because as dad says "it is hotter than Hades."

Oh family how could I forget. We have a baptism planned for this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!. Her name is Natividad. I will definitely send pictures!!!!!

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