Thursday, April 2, 2015

Day 336 (Week 47) -

(Eleven months on her mission!)

Now to get serious. This week was, well just like all the other weeks..... just a little crazy. Tuesday started out our week really normal. We worked and then had correlation in the night time. Wednesday we had a district meeting in the morning. Then we went out looking for new people. To be honest, we didn't have very much luck with that. We found one person. Her name is Tina. She is a little old woman who really needed us that day. She was so sad and tired and I am glad we could share a message of happiness with her. Thursday we had a member go out with us in the morning and we had some really good lessons. It was kind of rainy that day, but it was nice to have a break from the sun. In the night we met a lady named Zuri. She was really nice and seemed interested in our message. I am excited to go back to visit her.  Also that night we went over to a less active family's house and for service made them dinner and my companion cut the mom's hair. We had a really nice relaxing night. Friday we had weekly planning in the morning. and then the family that we had visited the night before loved the haircut so much that she asked that we come back to cut her daughter's hair. After the hair was cut and the message shared, we left and my companion asked how their hair looked. I said looked great, because it did. She started to laugh hysterically and I was so confused. She confessed that she had never cut hair like that before. We laughed so hard about that for so long. But now I know who not to ask to cut my hair.

That night we got invited over to a family home evening. We ate dinner and had an activity after. All four of the missionaries in Poptun were there. Saturday was a good day. We had our studies and did some visits and then in the afternoon we went to visit a lady who has been coming to church with her sister-in-law. This lady's name is Natividad. We have been visiting her for the last few weeks. Well we had a really spiritual lesson and we just taught from the heart and testified with everything we had and invited her to be baptized on the 28th of this month. By the end of this lesson we were all in tears and she had accepted this baptism date. We were so excited and so happy. Sunday we had district conference with all the branches here in Peten. We traveled with all the members in a big school bus to Santa Elena at 7 in the morning. Natividad came with us too. The conference was fantastic. President Curtiss and his wife came and spoke and also some one from the 70. His name is Elder Morales. Hermana Curtiss talked about the importance of scripture study and President Curtiss talked about making changes in your life through repentance and attributes of Christ. Then Elder Morales talked about the importance of  family and personal prayer and scripture study, paying tithing and offerings, church attendance and making it to the temple. He also talked about marriages and how to make relationships work through humility and service. It was really good. After the conference, the four of us missionaries got invited to the senior missionaries' house in Peten for lunch. They are Elder and Hermana Bake, from Arizona. They are super sweet and made an awesome meal. Then we went back to Poptun. We also got invited to a members house for dinner. So basically we got to Poptun, said some goodbyes, went to dinner and came home to hear our changes.

DRUM ROLLS PLEASE.......Ratatatatatatatatatatatatatatataaaaa Budumpt!

I am staying in Poptun!!!!! Woohooooo! Sadly my companion is leaving me for another district. She will be here in Peten still but really close to Santa Elena. They cleaned out my district and it is like all new people. My new companion's name is Hermana Muñoz. She will be coming her from Coban, so I will get to see her tomorrow in the night time. Today and tomorrow I will be with the sister trainer leaders (aka Faught and Sorensen) in Santa Elena. 

So basically that is my life right now. I don't have any pictures right now but maybe next week. 

Oh other cool things is today, I completed 11 months in the mission. Yay me. "Ya me voy!" You can google translate it.

Have a good week family and remember Alma 30:9.


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