Thursday, April 2, 2015

Day 329 (Week 46) - Mayan Temple Visit in Tikal

So this week was eventful. Tuesday we worked all day in the hot sun. The truth is that it is starting to get hot here and the thick humidity doesn't make it anymore enjoyable. But that night it rained a little and we had a member who came with us on visits, so that was nice. We also had correlation and planned for an activity that was planned for Saturday. Wednesday we had lots of people to visits. We helped a less active member dye her hair. We also helped a little boy prepare for his baptism that was planned for Friday. Then  after that we went to visit a girl named Elizabeth. She is an investigator who is only 15 years old. She is really interested in the things we teach and she loves when we visit. The only thing is that she never keeps her commitments and hasn't made it to church, but we know she would be baptized if she would come to church, so we keep working with her. Thursday almost all our planned visits fell, but that was okay because we got to meet with a lot of less active members and we found a new investigator named Josselin. She seems awesome. We felt the spirit and had a really good lesson with her and she seems really interested. That night we went to visit an investigator named Yamilet. She had a baptismal date set for the end of this month, but it fell when she didn't come to church. Her mom doesn't really support her, but her older sister does. She knows the church is the one true church, but she is starting to loose hope after all the times that her mom has said no to baptism. Friday we went to Santa Elena for a Zone meeting. It was good but really long, like usual. I learned a lot about focusing in on the needs of investigators and teaching by routine. Then As soon as we got back from Santa Elena, we had to run to the church building and fill up the baptismal font for the baptism of Julio. It started at five and we got there at 3:30 with an empty font, and wet pants to dry with my little travel size blow dryer. So while Hermana Guerrero filled the font and set up chairs, I dried off his wet pants that we had washed just 30 minutes before. Then the elders showed up and then Julio came with his family and for a really long time no one else came finally after preparing/waiting for 45 minutes, we had enough people to start the baptism. It was small but Julio was so excited. His mom doesn't got to church, instead, his grandma brings him and his baptism doesn't officially count as our baptism, it is of the branch, but I was so happy to see him get baptized and hear him tell us how clean he felt. It was really cool. Saturday we got up and went to the church building to bake cookies for our activity that we had planned for 12:30. we studied and baked and it was really fun. Then at 11 we headed over to a member's house where we planned to have this activity. This activity was planned by us missionaries for the leaders in our branch, so everyone who is in a presidency was invited. We served a simple lunch of sopa azteca and for dessert, delicious homemade cookies, which everyone absolutely loved (Thank you for the awesome cookie mix packages, they were delicious). After we ate, each one of us missionaries gave a short five minute talk or inspirational message. I spoke about the talk that Jeffery R. Holland gave called the First and Great Commandment. After we all talked we gave the leaders a chance to talk about what they expected of us missionaries and ideas or projects that they would like to see to help the ward or the community. It was a really good activity and everyone left feeling the desire to work a little harder. Sunday we had a really peaceful day at church. We had 2 families come to church and I got to give the lesson in relief myself. I was asked five minutes before the class started to give the lesson, so I basically winged it. But my companion said she heard people saying how much they like my lesson, so it must not have been that bad. That afternoon we had Counsel de Branch. And after at 6 we left for Santa Elena so that me and my companion could sleep at the sister trainer leader's house (AKA Hna. Faught and Sorensen) because ..........Today early in the morning, we went to Tikal!!!!!!!! What is this you might ask? Well, it is a huge Tourist sight with big brick pyramids and really cool ruins. I had an awesome time seeing them and adding to the wonderful experience, I got to go with Hna. Sorensen and Faught. Other things that happened this week is that I got to drink my first coconut juice that an investigator gave me and my companion and I also dyed my hair. It was supposed to make it lighter but to be honest it didn't really worked. It looks like my natural color and all my hair is one color. Not much of a change, but fun experience. 
Also, we did not have changes yet. We will be getting those this Sunday night. I am nervous for changes, but I have a secret in that I would love to train again.



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