Thursday, April 2, 2015

Day 322 (Week 45) - Preparing for a baptism

We are in week five of our six week change. I really hope I have another change with my companion. We get along great! 

This week was a little loca. On Tuesday we had a busy day.  We were running from visit to visit and then we got invited to dinner at a member's house for our last hour. Wednesday I had an awesome day. I got to go to Santa Elena and do divisions with Hna. Sorensen. We had an amazing time. It reminded me that we can work hard and have a good time. It was soooooo hot in Santa Elena. I got a wicked sun burn on my arms. 
Thursday I had to travel 2 hours back to Poptun and still we had a district meeting that morning. Then we had lots of visits in the night. Friday we did our weekly planning and then we went to check my weight and I have not gained anything this week. The scale even said I was 2 lbs. less than the last time. The nurse wasn't worried she said it might just be fluid weight, but that I should look and see on Wednesday to make sure I am not loosing weight again. That night a few crazy things happened. We found one of our members who has been lost for a week, drunk in the street. He was hungry and tired and knew his sister wasn't going to let him back in the house. We told him that we would go to talk to his sister, but that we couldn't do much more than that. After this we went to find his sister and she told us that he was a grown man and that she wasn't going to accept him. That she was tired and couldn't support him anymore. We felt so bad for him but knew that there wasn't much we could do for him until he has a place to live and is sober. After this we went to visit a sister. She was so sad. She told us that her son who was preparing for a mission had broken the law of chastity and that the girlfriend is now living with them. She was so sad. We scheduled a time to visit the son and girlfriend the next day and I started a fast with the sister. We also planned a baptism for a little boy that is going to happen on Friday. 
Saturday in the morning we went to visit the young with the chastity problems. The boy wasn't their but the mom was. She was crying and smiling. She said she knew her prayers had been answered because the girlfriend got a call from some friends the night before and she left that morning to live in Santa Elena. We also had a meeting with the elders about an activity we are planning for this Saturday for the leaders in the branch. we are going to give them "Cincho" with "amor". We are so excited about this activity and know it will be really spiritual and inspiring. We also visited the boy that is gong to get baptized and talked about the baptism interview questions and found out that this 8 yr. old has a coffee problem. It was so funny when he told us about it. Like he was confessing the most horrible sin ever. We tried not to laugh. But he promised he would give it up. 
Yesterday we had a really good fast Sunday. We had 6 investigators in church. It was FRICKIN' AWESOME. We  also got preached to in one of our lesson by a seventy yr. old man who says we don't use enough scripture. But to be honest, it was a good reminder for me. On Sundays we have to be in the house an hour earlier than usual, so I got to go to bed early. All in all I had a good week. Today for P-day we played soccer with the elders. It was more fun than I thought taking into account that I Hate sports.   

Tell all the family that I said hi ad that they should not be lazy bums. Also that every family member should read D&C 58:27. Work hard and the Lord will bless you. Also, during this week in your family study read Alma 5.


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