Thursday, April 2, 2015

Day 315 (Week 44) - Feeling Better

Good news is that I am feeling better too. I am sorry if I gave you a little scare. With this depression and getting sick in my stomach made me drop weight really fast. But the doctor has ordered that I take something called ensure 3 times a day to help me gain weight fast. It is working. I gained 10 lbs. this last week. Now I am only 15 lbs. away from my goal weight. I told dad that I am doing my exercises and starting to feel better. Everyone tells me I look better that I don't look so anorexic hahaha. But seriously I am feeling better and Sister Curtiss calls to check in on me to make sure I am improving. Thank you for your concern and for caring, but don't worry too much. People are helping me here. For example I have a great companion who watches me and makes sure I am doing what I need to get better. 

Now about my week.
Tuesday was normal. We worked and then had correlation in the night time. Wednesday we had a District Meeting n the morning and then visited lots of people the rest of the day. Thursday we didn't do anything special, lots of visits. Friday we had weekly planning in the morning. We had time for one visit and then had to be at the church building by 4 for an activity that we had been planning for a while. We had like "ward get to know you" game night. It was really fun and ended in a crazy flour fight. We had a few investigators come and they really enjoyed themselves. Saturday we went to Santa Elena for a conference with someone named Elder Morales. He is from the quorum of the 70. He talked to all the leaders of our District(almost stake) and the missionaries here in Peten. It was really spiritual and inspired me to be a better missionary. He mostly told us that as leaders we need to focus on ordinances. Baptism and temple ordinances are the only way to help people progress in the gospel. He was really direct and I think it was something our branch leaders needed to hear. Yesterday was a quiet Sunday. We didn't find a lot of our investigators which was frustrating, but we visited some less actives and recent converts. 
We have been visiting a girl named Yamilet, she is 16 years old and she knows the church is true. Her sister was recently baptized and Yamilet wants to be baptized too. The only thing holding her back is her mom who wants her to be baptized in the Catholic church. I know as soon as her mom says yes, she will be in the water. We had a really good lesson with her this week. Right now she is our best possibility for baptism. 


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