Thursday, April 2, 2015

Day 308 (Week 43) - A Trip to ruins

(Ten months on her Mission!)

Lets start out with a fun game of imagination: 
It is Saturday night around 11 o´clock, you start to doze off in your Lazyboy recliner while waiting for the news to come on TV. All of the sudden you hear somebody yelling Hey you, yeah you. You look around and then realize its the TV. A bearded man in a flannel shirt is asking you if you want to loose weight. "Well, I have the solution," He says. "Just come serve a mission in good old Guatemala."

So this is my creative way of saying, mom, I have lost 20 lbs. in two and a half months. This last week I was really sick with an infection in my stomach ache (I am taking antibiotics for this). I decided one of the days to ask the nurse for some ideas on gaining weight because I felt like I lost a little weight. I was sure it was no more than 7 or 8, She asked me to weigh myself and I learned that I weigh 106 lbs. That is 20 lbs. weight loss. So, now my mission president´s wife knows and they are looking for ideas for me to get my health back in order. 

So for my week:
Tuesday my companion and I woke up sick. Fever vomiting, achy body and just exhausted. We didn't leave that day. The elders came and gave us a blessing.  Wednesday I didn't feel very well again, a little better but not 100 percent. My companion was good, so she went to work and I stayed with a member. By the night I was feeling better and left to work. In the night I stared feeling really sick again. I had diarrhea really bad. The next day we had zone meeting in Santa Elena. I felt nauseous and just really crappy. But we went and I got to see Hna. Faught and Hna. Sorenesen. They were both really happy to see me. The sad part is that I spent most of the time in the bathroom. We were already in Santa Elena, so the nurse said go get  parasite test. I went and that is when they told me that it isn't parasites, it was an infection. So then we got on the bus and headed back to Poptun. I still felt really sick and was sure I had a fever and was really achy, so we went home and I spent the night using the bathroom and sleeping.  Friday, we had to decorate for a wedding. We got to the church in the morning and blew up  bunch of balloons (thank you to the elders) and then we helped the bride get ready. It was beautiful. My problem again was the bathroom and that I was so weak, because I hadn't been able to keep food in my stomach or even really eat this week. Saturday I talked to Sister Curtiss (mission Pres. wife) and she gave us instructions to find some information about my health (like weight and height) (almost impossible here) (no one owns a scale) and I had medication to find for my illnesses. We spent a really good chunk of time looking for these things. We were able to visit some people in the night. Sunday I was feeling better. We were able to have a pretty good day of work. Today I am feeling good. We went out as a district to the area of some of the elders. The have some cool ruins that we got to see. I will try to send some pictures. I had a good day. It was fun.

Also, Happy Valentine´s Day. Today I finished 10 months. maybe I will buy ice cream or  chocolate bar to celebrate.
 There are black monkeys in the trees. In about the center of the photo.


That dad, is a really big spider that was running around the grass hoping for a bunch of interested missionaries to take its picture.

That is a lizard (obviously)

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