Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 399 (Week 56) (13 Months on Mission) - Chinkungunya

So as you know by now I like to start off with bad news.  I have never really been very good at telling it nicely, so I will just let you know that this week, I got Chinkungunya. this is an illness that get transmitted through mosquito bites. Before you ask, yes, we do you insect repellent, everyday and yes we sleep with mosquito nets. 

I will tell you more about this illness as I tell you about my week.

Monday, we had a really good family home evening with a family in the branch and one of our investigators. We also visited our investigator with a baptismal date. Tuesday, we had divisions and I got to be with an Hermana named Hermana Gomez. She is from Mexico and I really enjoyed our divisions. I learned a lot from her. Wednesday we had our visits like normal and continued to prepare our investigator for her baptism. Thursday my companion and I started to get headaches. We did our normal visits and then in the night time, my companion was having a really weird allergic reaction. Her body was covered in red itchy splotches. We called the nurse and she told my companion to lay down and take Benadryl. She did and fell asleep early. The next morning, I woke up with the same red spots in all of my body. We both were really achy in all of our body and had low grade fevers. so, we called the nurse and she said we had to get tested for dengue and chinkungunya. Everything hurt. It hurt to walk. My bones were dying. We went to the lab and they tested us. My comp. had dengue and I had Chinkungunya. So after this we went to the interview of our investigator for her baptism and then we got blessing. After this, we went home and slept for the rest of the day. The next day, everyone passed by or called us to see how we were doing or how they could help us. The Elders and Hermana's brought us food, Hermana Curtiss even called to check in on us. In the afternoon, we got ready and went to the baptism of our investigator, Astrid. Her baptism was beautiful! 
After the baptism, we went home and slept more. Sunday we went to church and we didn't have fever any more and the rash had gone way down. We were still really achy. After church we took a good nap and in the evening we were able to leave for a visit. Today we feel fine. It is amazing how quickly we got over this sickness. We know that the Lord was watching over us and helping us to heal quickly. 
Really this was the biggest event of the week; our baptism. It was awesome, I was so happy for her. I am sending some pictures.  
Also, I lost weight again. I checked today and it is at 106lbs. I started drinking Ensure again, so that I can gain weight. Hermana Curtiss already gave me cincho about my weight. Also, my companion gives me cincho about my weight too and how I really need to eat more, so we are making some good plans for that. 


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