Friday, February 13, 2015

 Day 280 (Week 39) - A Birthday

So, this week was an adventure just like all the rest. 

On Tuesday I woke up and my companions had made a sign that said happy birthday. I bought a really awesome Grandma dress that I wore especially for my birthday. Then for lunch the member that cooks for us made a special lunch of burritos. They were super good. We had some really good lessons that day and then in the night time we had correlation and afterwards we went to eat more burritos for dinner. The elders ate there too, so it was like a little fiesta. Then when I got home, I showered and came into our room to pray and found an awesome little present on my bed. My companions got me a little coin bag, new earrings and some supper cute shoes. It was really nice of them.
Wednesday we had interviews with President. We had to be at the church building at 10. We talked to the Assistants to president and then I talked to President Curtiss , when I came out, his wife had bought me a birthday cake. While we waited to finish interviews, they also provided lunch. I learned a lot and felt inspired to be a better missionary. After our interviews we went out to work. we had a rough night and didn't find any new people. Almost nobody was home. 
Thursday we left a little early and contacted a ton of people. During the whole day we contacted 60 people. It was insane. We had some really good lessons with members and that night a member even invited us over for dinner. Also, that day Hna. Turley completed a year in the mission. Friday was tough. My companions woke up not feeling very well. At about 4 one of my companions was feeling nauseated and had a fever, so she went home. My other companion was feeling to great either so when we had a member at 6 I left to go with her. I came back home and it felt really weird to come home to people who were waiting for me. (hashtaghoneyimhome)
Saturday was the baptism of an investigator of the sisters. His name is Fabricio and he has been wanting to get baptized for so long. He is only 16 so he needed permission from his mom. He has been coming to church for a year and a half by himself. His mom didn't want to give him permission, but finally gave in. His baptism was way spiritual and all of us missionaries were really excited for him. It was way cool to see the gospel working in his life and the life of his family members too. Also, a member invited us to eat lunch at his house. 
Yesterday was a normal Sunday. We found 3 new investigators and found a guy that we think will be really good. Our member that left with us is a return missionary, so it is always really awesome when she goes on visits with us. At night my companions and I cooked and listened to Motab and rocked out to other church music and stayed up really late, just talking. We are going to know changes this Sunday and I am confused on how I feel. I don't have any idea of if I am staying or going, but I am sure I am getting new companions. I love my companions and we are great friends, but I am ready to see a change. 

We are still looking for a house, but I know we will find one soon. I cheated on my diet this week just a little bit, but I ate more fruits and vegetables and drank more water and felt generally better.
The "Grandma Dress"

Her new shoes from her companions

The cake from President Curtiss' Wife.

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