Friday, February 13, 2015

 Day 287 (Week 40) - Changes

We are going to start with some very excited news. I got my changes last night. I get to stay in Poptun. I am moving areas because they are closing mine. I will be going with Hermana Sorensen´s old companion. Her name is Hermana Guerrero. She too is from Mexico. Hermana Turley is going to finish someone's training in  the other zone here in Peten and Hermana Cardounel is going to the other zone in Peten also. Cool thing is that Hermana Sorensen is going to be the new sister trainer leader in Peten (the old one left today) and also, Hermana Faught is coming to be her companion (the other sister trainer leader), so when we do divisions it will be a blast. I am excited that they are going to be companions.
This week was super busy. We had a member go out with us almost everyday this week. Also, creepy thing, I think one of our investigators has a crush on me. Oh which reminds me, I still don't know if Hna. Guerrero and I will be taking over my old area too or if it will just be left there. Also, this solves the house hunting situation, cause I´m just moving areas It is starting to get warm here again, I am excited about that. This morning, for our last hurrah as a companionship, I made flour tortillas for me and my companions. It was something that a member and Hna. Turley showed me how to do and I think I am getting good at it. I will be excited to teach you guys how to make tortillas when I get home. 
Nothing really exciting happened this week, just a ton of visits. On Saturday we had almost more people to visit than we had missionaries and time. I was really upset to hear that they are going to close our area because I have seen a huge improvement in our area since I started and we have a few really good investigators with tons of potential. I guess we will just see what happens, and know that it is the Lords will, He has a plan. 
I am doing great.  Things that have changed about me. I have lost a little weight, I look tanner and Andrea will have a ton of work to do with my hair when I get back, but know I am healthy, happy. I am sad about leaving my old companions, but I am excited for they new adventures I will have with my new companion. We are already friends so this will be cool. Here are some photos of me and my new companion in some typical Guatemala clothing, Our activity last week (the tree pictures) and tortilla making with Hna. Turley. Also there is a picture of me and my old companions from this morning. 


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