Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 273 (Week 38)- Halfway Done!

(Nine months on her Mission!)

So this week was just plain insane. Monday we went to Santa Elena for a visit to see a doctor for my companion's ear. It was nice to be out of Poptun for a day, but 2 hours there and then 2 hours back in a Guatemala bus, not my favorite thing. We got invited to a fun family home evening where we cooked and ate dinner. Tuesday is where the crazy really starts. So, we have been given instructions to find a new house this last week, because our house owner doesn't want us anymore. We left Tuesday morning after studies to go look for a house. While we were walking around, some police guys came over to us and asked us if we could help them with a problem they have. They had a woman in the back of their police car that didn't speak Spanish and they wanted us to translate. This woman's name is Eliza and she is one fry short of a happy meal, missing a few nuts and bolts, crazy, loca, insane. She needed the police people to help her at the bank get her money. Her dad from the states was going to wire it, but one of the police men was going to receive it and then give it to her. While we were talking and waiting for the money to come through, we talked to her and let me just say that was an experience in and of itself. She started talking about Guatemala and then ends her sentences talking about WWII. Or tells us that she wants to build big hotels and malls just like the ones in Honduras. She said she studied psychology and I was sure she was confused because psychology should study her. There were 4 police guys trying to help us out. they reminded us of the penguins from Madagascar TV characters. We finally got everything all figured out and left to go to lunch. at lunch we got a call from guess who. The police saying the money didn't come through because a name got spelled wrong over the phone and they couldn't receive it. Now Eliza is really mad and they want us to come fix the problem again. Eliza was a pleasant crazy in the beginning, but now she was just angry. She was like one of those dolls that when you pull the string it repeats it says things.  "They just want to steal my money" "I will not let my daily routines be interrupted by this ignorance", "Don't talk to me like I am five!" and my personal favorite "You're a slander helping these people with this terrorist act against me, when I am done I will talk to a lawyer and have you all thrown in jail."  We were all getting frustrated and she wasn't listening to anybody, so we pulled out our secret weapon and called elder Loveland, one of the elders here in Poptun. He came and talked to her and calmed her down and at the end of almost an hour and a half of talking to her, we actually fixed the problem and now have a fun story to tell.
Wednesday we had a district meeting that started an hour late and took FOR-EV-ER!!!!! But it was okay and we still ate lunch on time. We had some good visits in the night and found 7 new investigators that day.
Thursday, we did divisions. I got to go to Santa Elena with Hna. Hernandez. It was fun and good to see how another person teaches.
Friday started out weird, when found that our pila was over flowing. (pila: like a big sink with to side panels, one for was laundry and the other for washing everything else, from Hermana Hansen's dictionary of words that she doesn't really know how to describe). So, like half our neighbors came over just to see our over flowing pila and we fixed just buy plugging the spigot where the water comes out. We also had weekly planning that morning and my companions gave me a challenge for this week. They say I am always complaining that my stomach hurts (I say not always), so their challenge is that I don't eat any junk food this week, except on my birthday I can eat cake, that is it. Every time I want to eat something sweet, I have to eat a fruit or vegetable in its place. Also, I have to do real exercise this week.
Saturday we got to start a fast. We were fasting for our investigator who is 11, who wanted to be baptized really bad, but couldn't get permission from her parents. We fasted and it was good felt good about the whole thing and felt like everything was going to turn out in our favor. Then Sunday, our investigator didn't come to church an when we passed by to see what happened, she said that she didn't want us to visit her any more. because there were some commandments she didn't want to keep and that she didn't want her parents to be mad at her. So, we had to drop her. It was sad. But then that night we had some good less active visits and I learned how to make flour tortillas. It was a good Sunday. Today my companions and the other sister's and I climbed a hill and hung out today without the elders to celebrate my birthday. Not everything went as we planned, but I got to relax and do something I have been wanting to do for a very long time. Take a nap. Tonight we have a good FHE planned with the branch presidency and I think it will turn out well.

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