Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Day 259 (Week 36) - A New Year

I want to tell you all about a miracle I am witnessing in my life. There is a girl that was insanely sick a couple weeks ago that we went to visit. She has been sick for a few months and it was gradually getting worse. When we visited her we had the elders come to give her a blessing. She was so bad that she could only get out of bed to use the bathroom. she stayed in bed all day and it hurt her when people touched her skin. She was super duper skinny. We noticed a difference when for the first time in a while she smiled, and then her mom said she was eating more. Last week she was well enough to go visit family in the capitol and this week she was working around the house sweeping and cleaning. I just want to testify of the power of the priesthood and of faith. I believe in miracles, because I have seen them and know that God can do all things and will do them when we believe. 
Let's talk about this week. Monday, we went to Santa Elena and my companion had to go to the doctor because she had an infection in her ear and it took forever, so we almost missed the last bus to Poptun, but we barely made it. Tuesday, was normal visits. We did divisions in the night and visited a lot of people. Wednesday, we had a district meeting and then we worked for a few hours, that night we were invited to go eat dinner with a member. All the missionaries in Poptun came and we ate Tamales and cake and it was fantastic. Then at midnight we watched fireworks from all our neighbors and burned a list of thing we didn't like or wanted to leave behind from 2014. We went to sleep after that. Thursday we found 2 new families to visit. It was really cool. Friday nothing exciting happened. Saturday we found some new people to visit. One of them was a family with 3 young boys. The youngest is 6 and gave me a leaf to put in my planner and drawing that he did at school. One paper had a poem on it about throwing lemons at my window and the lemon went through my window and an arrow through his heart. The translation is difficult in English, but in Spanish it was super cute. Sunday was testimony meeting and it was really good. Tons of people bore their testimonies. 

But seriously family, I love you and pray for you daily. I know we have all had some trials in the last few months, including me, but things will get better and God will bless us for our obedience to the commandments.
Love you all!
Hermana Hansen

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