Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Day 252 (Week 35) - A week of fun filled Christmas Activities.

So, this week was chalked full of Christmas fun!

Monday all the missionaries in our district got together and we baked cookies, brownies and made Mexican tacos. It was fun and really yummy. Tuesday was really good because we were able to do Divisions for a few hours with some members and visited a ton of people. On Wednesday (Christmas Eve) we had a district meeting in the morning and we ate cake and then the missionaries in Poptun all went over to a member's house to eat tamales (that is 7 missionaries), Then my companions and I got invited by an investigator to come over for a visit, at the end she  gave us tamales and ponche (a traditional Latin American fruit drink, served hot in Guatemala) to take home.
Later we ate tamales at another member's house and then all of us got invited to another members house for Christmas dinner. The members gave us so much food and they set off fireworks and it was fun. We then went home, changed into our pajamas (thank you PJ elf) then we sat on the hammock we gave Hermana Cardounel for her birthday and watched the fireworks. Thursday I got up and opened my presents from the family. We as companions stuffed stockings. We got invited to eat with another member at lunch that day and they put on "17 Miracles" while we ate with them. It was really nice. It was a little cold on Christmas here, I wore a sweater and everything. That evening we talked to our families and then visited one more person before 9. Friday was a really normal day. Saturday the ward had its Christmas dinner in the night, we went to and help with that. Sunday, my companions and I gave surprise talks in Church (surprise, we didn't know until the night before). I spoke about charity. After church we got invited to eat leftovers from the ward dinner at the Relief Society President's house with the other missionaries. Then that night Hermana Cardounel got to talk to her family. This morning we went to Santa Elena for a sister's activity. We talked about being obedient, played Charades, then watched the movie, "The Errand of Angels", and ate pizza. Now we are writing in an Internet cafe and will be going to a clinic after this because my companions ear has been bothering her. 
I am so happy that you all had a splendid Christmas and I hope you all got fabulous presents. I loved mine. My companions and I split the stockings and it worked out just fine. I am glad you were all able to relax a little bit this week and enjoy some time as a family. 


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