Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Day 245 (Week 34)- December 22, 2014

(Eight months on her Mission!)

This was another weird week. Monday we went to a city called Santa Elena. It is the big city here in Peten. It is about 2 hours away from Poptun. We had interviews that night with Pres. so, we spent all day there. I started feeling sick during the day, like I had a fever. That night right before the interviews, I took some medicine, but then started feeling nauseated. After my interview, I sat down on a bench in the church hallway and fell asleep while everyone else had their interviews. I went to sleep that night and in the morning I felt better. It was really weird. The next day was zone conference. It was awesome as usual. We listened to some talks and then President spoke. He talked about being sincere when we talk about the Book of Mormon because really it is not just some other book. Hna. Curtiss told us that we need to study and know the Book of Mormon. Afterwards we had an amazing lunch of turkey, mashed potatoes and vegetables. We also got some gifts. For my Birthday in January, I got footy socks to wear on Sunday. For Christmas we all got really cool t-shirts, candy, cookies, and stockings. After lunch, we watched.......Frozen. It was fantastic.
Wednesday was Hna. Cardounel's Birthday. We got her a Hammock for her birthday. She has missed hers from home so much and has wanted one for a while, but has not been able to buy one. We gave it to her at Midnight on her birthday, she was so excited, it may have been the best gift I have ever given. On Wed. we ate at a members house who's birthday was that day too and that night at a lesson, our investigator gave us food and cake for her birthday. Thursday was normal. Friday, we had our weekly planning session in the morning, worked until 5:30, then had correlation. Afterwards we had an activity at the church. We played a Christmas themed Jeopardy. We had investigators come to the activity. Also, that morning we got a cat again for our rat problem. This time she was pregnant and acted really weird like she is sick. She made lots of messes in the house and guess who ended up cleaning it up, yep, Hermana Hansen. I don't want another cat for a very, very, very long time. We got rid of her Sunday. We might be on the house hunt too. For the least we have a month that we have to live in this house. Saturday, Hna. Turley was sick, so she stayed with a member for a while and we left to teach. A less active member this week told us that she wanted us to visit her friends sick daughter. When we went to see her on Saturday, we saw that she is way sick. We called the elders to come and give a blessing. the mom is really stressed about her sick daughter and her abusive husband. We came back later with the elders and explained what the priesthood was and the mom and the daughter got blessings. We are going to go back and visit this next week. I know the gospel will help their family so much. Yesterday was the closest thing I have had to a normal Sunday in a while. We just went to church and then worked. 
I am super excited to talk to you on Thursday. I miss hearing your voices. I am also waiting to open my presents for Christmas. It has been really hard not to open them right away. 
Hermana Hansen

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