Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Day 238 (Week 33)- Closer to Christmas!

So, tomorrow is zone conference. It is also my 8 month mark! Yippee! I cannot believe that I already have 8 months. It has gone by so fast.
Also, a Christmas miracle came this week. I got my package. I haven't opened anything yet, so I don't know what is inside yet....Well, that is a lie, I shared some chocolate with my companions.

On Friday it was Hna. Turleys birthday. We got her a really cool bag made out of corte. It is awesome. This Wednesday is Hna. Cardounel´s birthday. I am stoked to give her, her present. We got her a hammock. She has wanted one for so long and just hasn´t been able to buy it. Between the 2 of us ( Hrna. Turley and I) we were able to do it.
We have an investigator named Roberto. We have a lot of hope for him. We have taught him a lot of things and his wife is a member. We talked to him on Wednesday and he told us he would come to church on Sunday. Then, Sunday came and he didn't make it. We stopped by his house and asked what happened. He said he didn't feel a strong desire to go to church. We watched a video called, "He is the Gift" and talked about how God made a big sacrifice for us and Jesus did too. We need to make sacrifices too. He got a good talking to about things we need to do if we want blessings. The lesson went really well and I think there is a higher likelihood that he will go to church next Sunday.
We visited a lot of less active members this last week and one came to church that we thought wouldn't come back for a long time. It was awesome to see all these people changing and being better again.
Sometimes it is weird that it is so warm at Christmas time, but I am excited to learn new traditions and see how it is celebrated in a different part of the world. Everyone still has Christmas trees but they celebrate on the 24th and eat tamales. To get in the Christmas spirit, we sing tons of Christmas hymns. This last week, we caroled at a house of an investigator.

Hermana Hansen

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