Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Day 217 (Week 30)- Worms in a foot and toothbrush!!

(Seven months on her Mission!)

So family, my week was really hectic! If you would just like to take a seat for a moment I will tell you all about it. So Monday, we had that insanely exhausting activity and after we visited a few people, we went home and slept like rocks! Tuesday we got invited to eat at members house for lunch with all the missionaries in Poptun. After lunch Hna. Cardounel was like. my foot really hurts. She sat down and took off her shoe and saw a little black worm dig a hole and burrow into her foot. They tired to dig it out, but it just went in deeper. That day was hard. We had correlation that night and then ended up going home after. We called the mission nurse and she said that we needed to go to a city called Santa Elena and see the doctor there. The next day we had a district meeting in the morning and then afterwards we left in a bus to go to Santa Elena with the Zone leaders because that is where their area is. It is about a 2 hour bus ride. When we got there we went to the doctor and she told us that this creature was called a colmoyote. She put tape over it and said the tape would sufficate the worm and we needed to return on Friday so she could remove the dead insect from her foot. So then we took another 2 hour ride back to our area. we didn't get much working time in that night.
The next day was a little bit of a stinker too because when we got up in the morning we didn't have water. Sometimes that happens so we thought we would do our studies and wait for a little bit for the water to turn back on. Funny thing is that it didn't.  So, we went to the other sisters house and showered in their shower. Fun right?  We did end up visiting a family in the ward that is recently reactivated. they are the sweetest family. It is a husband and a wife and their 9 year old son and 6 year old daughter. We felt impressed to give advise to them to prepare to go to the temple. The husband was like, we don't really want to go right now, I have this dream that when my wife is 60 years old, we will go. we were talking to them about the blessing of preparing right now. like if their daughter wants to marry a return missionary, they can't enter the temple to see her get married. This really hit them and they are seriously thinking about it now. The husband was funny and told us at the end of the lesson that maybe he could change his dream to when she is 50. We are going to have an FHE with them tonight and focus on this a goal for them.
Friday we went back to Santa Elena. they took the tape off and the bug was dead and fell out of her foot. But, they numbed her foot and dug at it with really ugly tweezers to see if there were any eggs inside. There were none, so that is good. We again did not have very much working time that night, but we did our best.
Saturday the Elders had a baptism. We went and it was really small, but it was good. I got to say the closing prayer. in the last baptism by the other sisters, I got to sing "I Am a Child of God" with my comp. and another missionary. That night, our member bailed on us and we really bummed. (I would like to take a minute and thank all the people who go out with the missionaries. It is a huge help to the work. Sometimes you may not feel like you are doing much, but it is really important that we have the support of the members and their help. Also, it helps us personally, especially when we are far away from our homes to have people that want to help us. Thank you.)
Sunday, we got up and were getting ready for church, when I found a little white worm inside my toothbrush! I just about died. It was disgusting. Needless to say, I threw away that toothbrush. After that church was pretty good and all was nice until we had ward council. I think it is that I am a Gringa, but anyways, no one listens to my ideas...... EVER. I am thankful for my good old friend Hermana Sorensen, because she always tells me to stay calm and don't get upset. I started carrying around a little notebook that  Sis. Hazel gave me, it says "Keep calm and carry on".  To be honest it is helping me to remember that I don't need to worry about the little stuff,  I just need to worry about me and just keep going. (Thank you Sister Hazel) (Yes that would be a shout out to you). Today for P-day we went to guess where...... Santa Elena..... again. It was okay this time because I got to buy some cool stuff, but you guys won't get pictures until later. Also, I got my flu shot today. the mission was providing it for free, so I was like why not?
So yeah family. I hope everything continues to go well.
Love Hermana Hansen

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