Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Day 210 (Week 29)- Hermana Hansen - Guatemala Gal

Hello family!!!!!!!  Greeting from Guatemala. I hope you are all just loving that fabulous winter weather there. Right now, we are living in perfect summer time weather. The people here I still sweat everyday.  Today we had little bit of a wierd experience. we had a member that wanted to take us to go see some caves. We left the house at 7 and met the rest of the missionaries from our district. We then headed to the  members house that was going to take us. We walked to this Aldea in the area of the Elders called Ixobel (Ish-o-bell). We went with some youth and a couple adults. They said it was like a 2 hour hike. We thought that was okay, but when we hit 2 and a half and then 3 hours, Hermana Sorensen and I started to think. We talked to Elder Orosco and told him it was probably a good idea to head back, everyone was tired and getting eaten alive by mosqitos. He then revealed to us that the member who was guiding us was totally and completely lost and had been calling someone for directions. He took our advice and told the members that the missioaries were going to head out. We got back to the house where we started and we payed the member to make lunch for us. We then heard Elder Orosco say that the members that were there and totally confident in their cave finding abilities actually ended up calling someone to go in and find and rescue them. On the way back it was really hot and everyone had sweated a ton, none of us had water left and my head started to hurt, but when we got the members house, I drank more water and now feel better. It was an interesting adventure, one where we actually got to walk through the jungle.

This week was good. We got fed snacks and meals all the nights this week. The members are super nice and really generous. they will give anything the have. A member this week even gave us earrings.

On Saturday we had plans to go Machaquila`(our aldea) but our member couldn't go. We ended up going with the relief society to visit people at the hospital. we saw some really sad things and I have decided that I will never visit a hospital in Guatemala EVER AGAIN!!!! 
Hey, also, we got a solution to our rat problem. Our land lady lent him to us and we even got permission from our zone leaders. We named him Silvester and we will send a picture next week. We will probably give him back this next week, but I think he is doing his job ( hashtagcrazycatlady).
So yeah here it really feels like summer.  I cannot even belive that Christmas is coming, or that I have been here for 7 months. It has gone by so fast. I feel like all of this is just a dream and I am going to wake up any minute and start back my normal life.
So, basically family, I am doing great. I am happy. I tried to send you pictures but this internet cafe is super Chafa (the word we use to describe stuff that totally wamps) (for example " mi español es muy chafa")

to go along with my experience today, i would like to say
"Welcome to the jungle,
we got fun and games"

love you all.
Hermana Hansen
PS.  I really hope you named my blog Hermana Hansen : Guatemala gal

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