Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Day 203 (Week 28) - Preaching and Parasites: A Guatemalan Adventure ‏           

So, lets start off and get the big news out of the way (drum roll).............. I got another parasite this last week!!!!!! Mom I know you are so excited to hear about this, but you should know that the nurse already knows and I am already taking pills to kill it. So, basically I am all right. next thing, I am glad that the rat story made you laugh, because this won't. we seriously have a mouse problem in our house. Last night while we were planning we saw a hug rat scale the wall (he has now been named spider rat). We are going to buy more rat poison  to lay out for them tonight (emphasis on the word MORE). About the weather, it is great. The truth is that usually it has been overcast, but the last couple of days there wasn't any rain. Everyday has been warm. I was laughing at the fact that you guys there in Washington probably all have your winter coats and the fire place going and I am here wearing short sleeve in this Guatemalan Paradise.

So, we have not visited the Aldea yet, but we plan to go on Saturday. We need to have a member to go and we finally found one that will not be busy that day. So, I will tell you what exactly I mean by village next Monday, when I actually experience it and know for myself. 

So, my companion is basically the best person in all the world. She is so nice and really positive. She is always ready to work and really took great care of me when I was sick this last week. She is from a place called Yucatan, Mexico. It is actually real close to where we are now, like 6 hours in bus. She has a little brother who is 17 and her mom and dad. A lot of her family are members. we get along really well, because she likes a lot of music I know and movies too. We always have something to talk about. Also, she too, is obsessed with Christmas. And yes, she can speak English. She doesn't think she is very good, but actually her English rocks. we usually talk in Spanish, but it helps that she is able to help me when I don't know a word in Spanish.
About the bug spray question. Yes, I want you to send it. The bug spray here kind of sucks a lot!  I have been getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. For example, our house has been supplied with a mosquito bed net. Not for convenience, but for necessity. I will buy more bug spray for now, but even just 2 cans of bugs spray (with lots of deet) Even 2 cans will hold me off for a while. I just barely finished my last of the 3 you sent me with this last week.
The biggest thing for me on my Christmas list is a calender (The type has been specified in the letter) (hashtagLORTwithdrawls) (hashtagthis guatemalankeyboarddoesnthavehashtags).
And in the almost words of Taylor Swift:

Just close your eyes
The bugs cant hurt you now
You'll be alright
The bug net shields you now
Just sleep tight
Cause you and I´ll be safe and sound

That is the most creative I can get right now.

I love you mama!
Don't you ever forget it!

Hermana Hansen

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  1. Ok, hope this doesn't post twice, if so sorry.

    Enjoyed reading about your daughter and her area. My son is also in the Coban Mission. He is up in the mountains in a little village speaking Kekchi. He loves it. If you are interested we have a Facebook page for Guatemala missionary families. It is a great place to share pictures and stories with people in a similar situation.