Thursday, December 11, 2014

Day 224 (Week 31) - Is a move in the future?

One goal I have this week is to not worry to much about the family.  It is hard, when I know that so many things are changing and I have no say or way to change it. But it is okay. 

This week was filled with events. Tuesday, the owner of the house showed up bright and early to tell us that we need to move out of the house for a few days. They knew that there were some rat problems (that have been fixed thanks to Sylvester) (We gave her back on Saturday) and there were some things they needed to do to fix the house up again. So, she said the house next door had some closed off rooms available for us. She said we needed to be out of the house for six days while the carpenter worked on the house and to try not to bother them too much because they would be working.  So, Wednesday morning we packed up all our stuff and moved it next door. We then had a District meeting afterwards. We ended up going home early to unpack our things. We also, had correlation that night too. Thursday morning the owner was at the house again and made a comment about us being there for a few days. The weird thing was that she changed it from 6 days  to 6-8 days. We thought whatever and left to work.. The next morning our phone was about to die and we didn't know where the charger was, after searching all over the house we decided it was next door in the house we were staying in before. We knocked on the door and a woman and her 2 daughters in there pajamas answered the door. She said she couldn't look for the charger because her husband was still sleeping. The house looked great, there was a kitchen table, chairs and even a nice TV. Huh, I didn't know carpenters slept at your house with their wife and children (thought I in this moment). We left to work, but when we came back that night we decided to see if the owner was there. She wasn't, but her niece was. Her niece said that the people were the land people who were from the states and would be staying there for a few days like 6-8 days, but that when they leave we can live there again. We left feeling confused a frustrated. Half truths are not my style. So we called our district leader and told him about the whole mess and he talked to the senior couple who are in charge of housing. They told us that we need to start looking for a new house as a plan B, like if the people from the states decide to stay longer or when they finish fixing the house it looks nice enough that they want to sell it. The frustrating thing is I don't know how to house hunt and we are not supposed to talk to a lot of people about it because we don't want the owner to know. So that is fun.
This week was little discouraging too. We had two members stand us up this week, when they said they would work with us. Also, We didn´t have a lot of investigator lessons. We visited a lot of inactive members, some have been inactive for a few years. I was even more discouraged when we got up on Sunday and our 2 investigators who said they would come, bailed on us. We went to church alone and a little sad. Then when sacrament meeting started, I looked around and saw some of our less actives and by the end of sacrament a majority of them were there. 
Oh also, this Friday we had a branch activity of the iron rod, it was really cool and super spiritual. Also, lots of people came. SUCCESS!!!!
Anyways, that about sums up my week. I hope everyone is doing good and knows that I love you. 
Notice I didn´t write about my Thanksgiving, yeah, don't even ask me about it.

Yeah, well. I love you all.
happy holidays and all that jazz.

I´m dreaming of a white Christmas
just like the ones I used to know........

Hermana Hansen

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