Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day 182 (Week 25) - Six Months on the Mission

So, the picture is my Feliz Cumplemez picture. Six months has gone by way fast. This week has been really weird, but then again I can't say I have had a normal week since I left for my mission. Starting with Monday. They said I don't have a parasite, just bad digestion right now that my stomach is readjusting again. Tuesday was good. It was rainy again. Really Rainy. Wednesday we found a new investigator that day, so that was good. Thursday we found a family. We met them when the dad was playing with his son on their motorcycle in the street. We were like we have a message for your family, I don't know if your wife is home and without arguing, he was just like yeah, go on into the house, the door is open. The family is super nice and really believe in God and Jesus Christ. I am hoping when we go back they will accept our invitation to baptism. The only problem is that they already assist a church and it is a big Evangelico church. The exciting kind with singing and dancing and people falling from "feeling the spirit". Yep. maybe you could pray that they will be receptive to our message. Friday we had Zone Conference. That was Awesome!. We had lots of good lessons, but of course my favorite was when President Curtiss spoke. He spoke about why the Book of Mormon has so many stories of so many wars. He said it is because we are in a war right now. That as missionaries, our areas are our cities that we need to protect. We can't let Satan take anymore people, we need to be gaining in numbers everyday. All in all it was really inspirational and I left feeling more excited to work. Saturday night was awesome too. We went to visit an investigator her name is Vanessa. She lives with her mom and step dad and her 2 daughters Katie(9) and Andrea(5) and her husband Cesar. She has been listening to us for a couple of weeks. We have taught her the Restoration and she says she believes and likes what we are teaching. Then Saturday night her husband listened to the lesson. We talked about the Book of Mormon and invited them to read 1Ne. Cap.1 and pray about it. They both said they would and even Katie said she would. Then we invited them to church and they said they would all go. We waited for them the next morning and all of them came. They stayed for all three hours. Also, they brought their BOM´s with them and it had their names in it. Then after church. Vanessa said she wanted to go to all the activities during the week and wanted the manuals so she could follow along during the lessons on Sunday. Also, she asked us what she needed to do to become a member of the church. That she felt good there and wanted to join. We told her that baptism was the way and that we would talk about a date and how to prepare on Wednesday. Please pray for her. She is one of the nicest people I have met here. Please pray for her family and her husband that they will accept baptismal dates too. Please pray that they will have strength and be fortified. After a good experience like that, I know that Satan will try to destroy it. Please pray. 
So that was our week. Now, to answer some of your questions. I am really doing really well. I am tried all the time, but I am happy. I would be more disappointed in myself if I wasn't tired, that would mean, that I am not working hard enough.  I am doing really well with my companion. After talking to President, I can see a really big difference in our companionship. I think Heavenly Father was waiting to give us these miracles of families for when we had worked some things out between us. This last week Hna. Rebolledo told me that she was nervous for changes in 2 weeks because she thinks she will miss me. I am really seeing now that we are not just companions but amigas too. I am healthy, my stomach feels better this week. I do get enough to eat. We get to go the store every week and I make sure to buy sufficient for my hunger needs. I am being safe. We carry around our umbrellas for protection against the rain and dogs. Thank goodness we have only had to use it for the rain. Speaking of rain, it does rain a storm everyday, but usually we are in a house teaching or asleep in our beds when the big rains hit. My boots have been serving me well. I did have to buy a new umbrella last week, my other one got all rusty and broke in several places. Usually I am pretty dry. I use my rain coat a lot. But most days my feet are really wet by the end of the day.
Anyways family, "I'm gonna love you forever and ever, forever and ever. Amen" (I do believe Randy Travis sang this too).
For reals, I love you all so much. And, I hope you enjoy by first bathroom selfie.

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