Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 175 (Week 24)- Conference Weekend

This is what Mom said:

Last week you gave me quite the scare when your letter didn’t come in right away.  I thought maybe you or your companion were sick and you couldn’t make it.  But once I got your letter and pictures I totally loved it.  In fact the one of all you “Gringas” muddy from your hike and mud fight made me laugh because all of the girls except you had some sort of mud on their faces.  It was just so good to see that Guatemala hasn’t completely changed you!  It certainly looked like you had a super fun time.  What bonds you are making with these other missionaries.  I am just so happy for you.

Here is what Katelyn said:

So funny thing about the mud. I did indeed have mud on my face but it had already dried up and it was on the side of my cheek. Sorry to crush your hopes and dreams of me not changing. Speaking of other changes, I think my stomach is forever changed by parasites. Today I went to get checked again for parasites, we are waiting for the results. I will have to tell you what they are next week.
This week was an awesome week. Tuesday was pretty normal. Wednesday was normal too. Thursday we had District meeting to get to know the new people in the district. We also had divisions with the Hermana trainer leaders. I got to work in Hermana Faught's area with her that day. It was really fun being able to be her companion again for a day. She said she has seen a huge improvement. That I started out as a scared little girl who didn't know how to speak at all and now, I am way more confident and can actually communicate and teach. That really made me feel better about my work. Sometimes I feel like my companion just tells me I am doing well because she thinks she has to, but now I know I am doing better. 
Speaking of my companion, we have been having a really rough time lately in our relationship. It finally got to the point where we had a visit with President on Saturday after conference. After he talked to my comp. he talked to me. I was really nervous that I had done something that I wasn't aware of or the she had a real problem. I sat down and he told me our problem was food. That I as a Gringa have the tendency to think that time is more important than food and she as a Latina thinks that food is more important than time. Looking back I can see that that is probably the biggest source of our problems. I don't know how we didn't see that before. So now that we are aware of what is our problem, I will be more sensitive about food and she will be more sensitive about time. hahahahaha. I should have known living with Justin before that some times we have to be careful about what we say about food. hahahaha.
Conference was awesome this year. We went to the stake center and all the Gringos watched in English together. Saturday was really good.  They taught so many important things. Sunday was fantastic. My favorite talks this conference were from President Monson about walking the path that Jesus walked and the one by Elder Holland about poverty and charity. 
On Saturday after conference we went to visit a girl named Alba. After the lesson she was talking to us and called me the canchita (Blondie), I asked her what my name was she said it is Muñeca Colocha Canchita (Doll curly hair blondie) she said Hermana Rebolledo was Muñeca negrita (black doll) we thought that was so funny. The girl was a little embarrassed but we couldn't stop laughing. Sunday in between the conferences we ate lunch with the other missionaries in Coban in the mission office. I love the missionaries here. I feel like I have made so many friends. I really believe I have way more friends here than I do in the Tri-Cities. It will be so hard to leave on day. 

Oh and mom we don't have to worry about Hurricanes here.
I don't have much more to say. I love you all.
Love you 
Hermana Hansen

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