Monday, September 29, 2014

Day 168 (Week 23)- Zone Activity - tripping and sliding along!

So, mom I did get your letters. The deal is that today we had a zone activity. It was pretty cool. we went to a waterfall. We hiked for about 2 hours to get there, but it was way fun. we were there for almost all the day that is why you are getting my email late, sorry about that. On the way the trail was super muddy and All the Gringas fell..... A LOT! Then we had a mud fight with a couple of the elders.. I was so muddy. I think I ruined our shower.
So apart from our jungle adventure today, my week has been totally weird. It started on Tuesday when we had interviews with President and Hermana Curtiss and the Assistants to Pres. We waited for 5 and a half hours to have and finish our interviews and lost a whole day of working. it wasn't my fault so to be honest I was kind of ticked, but that is okay because we worked really hard on Wednesday.  On Wednesday nights our ward has something called "noche de hermanamiento".  This is like a big family home evening with the ward. SO, we have a lesson from a member and a game and then end with a snack. It has been fun to do the last couple weeks. I think the investigators who have come have enjoyed it, being able to know more members and make more friends in the church.
Thursday was a pretty normal day. It rained a ton. We went to visit an investigator and she accepted a date for baptism. She has to get married first but she has felt the spirit and I think she is ready to make some changes in her life.  After the visit my umbrella broke so she let us use hers.  The picture is attached.  That night we also had a visit with a recently activated member and his almost wife.  I love their family. his name is Carlos and her name is Magdelena.  They are wonderful.  She is working to get a divorce so they can get married and she can get baptized.  She told me that night that they are about to finish school in November and will have their graduation in November.  She told me that she wants me to be there.  I wanted to cry after the lesson because this next change will end the last week of October and I honestly don't think I will be here.  It is possible but after having 4 changes here I think I will leave in November.  Which reminds me.  We know our changes for the next change and I will be in the same area training Hna. Rebolledo.  I am excited for this change because I feel like there has been a big improvement in our relationship and teaching in the last couple weeks.  I hope we can do great things together.
Friday rained cats and dogs too. My shoes have not been dry one day this week. But that is okay because I have rubber boots. On Saturday we had the Women's conference. We were supposed to bring an investigator and her mom but they disappeared that day and I have know idea where they went.  I am hoping they will be home this week so we can find out what happened. We ended up going with a member and some inactive members and our recent convert Sandy. Of course it was raining again, so by the time we got there we had almost completely missed the first talk.  Sandy is 10 years old , so she was exhausted. She ended up falling asleep during pres. Utchdorf's talk.  To be completely honest I didn't get a whole lot out of the conference because there were so many distractions, so I will be looking forward to reading it in the conference Ensign.  Sunday, I gave my first talk in the mission. All the missionaries said that it went well. I was so nervous, that I felt sick before. I talked about missionary work and the importance to not only full time missionaries, but to the members too. I hope the congregation learned something from me. 
I just want to say how much I love you all. You are the greatest family in the whole wide world. I love you all and miss you. Thank you for your letters and your prayers.
I hope all is well back at the house and remember you are the greatest.
Hermana Hansen
The borrowed umbrella.  It's bigger than me!

 The waterfall hiked to.  So pretty!

This is from our zone activity.  Enjoy
Yes that is me about to fall again. Hahaha what fun.

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