Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day 189 (Week 26) - A change ahead!!

First things first. I have changes. I will be going to an area called Poptun, Peten. It is going to be really hot there. I guess that isn't the hottest part of Peten, but it is still pretty hot and they don't get a lot of rain. I am excited for this change, to be able to have a new experience. I don't really know who my new companion will be. I heard her name one time but have no idea how to say it, so I will tell you next week. I will leave for Peten either tomorrow or Wednesday in the morning. I am excited to go there and get tan. Also, Peten is where Tikal is, so maybe if I am lucky, I will get to visit there.
This week was a crazy one again. The temperature here in the evening and night is really cold right now. This cold air is killing Hna. Rebolledo.She is from a part of the world that is ALWAYS hot, so this has been a little bit of a difficult week. I am excited to go to a hot place, and my companion is a little upset that she won't being going there and will being staying close to Coban, to the cold. Wednesday we had a district meeting. We were all a little sad because it was the last district meeting with this district, also, our zone leader Elder Kumpf, is going home. He bore his testimony and basically told us all not to be slackers and work hard. Afterwards we played some games I taught the district Screaming Ninjas. That night we had a Noche de Hermanamiento (like a Family Home Evening for the ward). The missionaries taught the plan of salvation. We got to teach the first few parts and the other missionaries taught the other parts. I was fun.
Thursday, we had Correlation in the night and after us, the hermanas and elders  and our ward mission leader (Darwin) Went to eat churasko. It is a grilled meat  with tortillas and beans and onions and to be honest, it is the best.
Friday was really long, We had had weekly planning in the morning, so we left the house later than usual. Then all of our visits fell through, but the worst part was while we were waiting for a member to go out with us, I sat down on a curb. When she came I stood up and our phone fell into a puddle, it was broken, we didn't have a phone all night. The next day was the office elders p-day. we got the phone to work enough that when they called for our data that night, we could receive the call, but the battery was dying fast. Sunday, We had stake conference and someone from the 70 came and spoke. We were in another church building watching it on a projector and the sound was awful, to be honest I hardly understood anything. We has a few good visits that day but we found out that our investigator, Vanessa is going to move houses out of the ward and we will need to send other missionaries there. 
Also, our neighbor, Hna. Fraatz, invited us to her house to eat pancakes with her and her daughters. We went over and really enjoyed our time with her. She is super nice and really understanding. She lived in the states for a few years and knows English, also, her husband was a mission president , so she understands like all of our problems.

Anyways. I am good. I am healthy and I am ready for this new part of the journey that I am getting ready to experience. 

I love you tons!!!!!

And like Garth Brooks said "let the thunder roll and the lightning strike", Cause I goin´ to Peten!!

Hermana (soon to be) "Tan"- sen

hahahahaha, yea, I thought that was funny

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