Monday, September 22, 2014

Day 147 (Week 20)- Do you miss me yet?

I would like to point out the fact that I have 8 days until I complete 5 months here on the mission. Times Flies right? So, I am wondering, do you miss me yet? If not, maybe the pictures I have attached will help you remember what you´re missing.

Also, you get an A + on your homework. That is exactly what it said.
So this week, like the others has been an adventure. Monday was normal, we had a FHE with a family in the ward. Tuesday was normal right up until about 6 pm. We had a visit with a family where the husband is inactve and wants to come back to church and the wife wants to come to church but doesn't want to get baptized....weird. Anyways we went with one of our members to visit them and this member in particular has a problem with well........COMPLETELY TAKING OVER THE LESSONS!!!!!!! It was going really well and we were pretty good and keeping them, focused but then he started to talk about his conversion story and then she started to talk about hers. Between the two of them it took literally 45 minutes for me to get a word in and the lesson in total took an hour and a half! What?!? We completely missed our visit afterwards, but the positive thing is that this family came to church yesterday, so I guess we got brownie points for patience.
Wednesday we had a visit with a girl named Monica. She is 16 years old, she goes to school on Saturday and Sunday and works during the week with her mom. She is so sweet and super interested in the gospel. She is reading and praying and I really feel like once she can start going to church, she will be baptized.  This week we have a goal to meet with her family, not just her. We met her mom that night and she is super nice.
Thursday night we had a ton of problems having lessons, all the people that said we could come, were not there. That night we also had correlation with the ward mission leader.  After wards Hna. Rebolledo and I slept at the sister trainer leader's house, becuase on Friday we made a trip to Guatemala City (the Capital). Hna. Rebolledo had to sign some papers for her visa. So, Friday morning, we woke up at 3 in the morning and took a bus for five and a half right?!? We packed food for the bus so that is where we ate our breakfast. After we arrived at the captial around 10 we had to wait in the mission office until 12 for Hna. Rebolledo to sign her papers, she left and I waited there with some other missionaries. Then finally at about 2:30 we left for the bus station. On our way I got to talk to some other missionaries. I met an Elder named Elder Merrill. Cool thing about this elder is that he is from Pasco and knows a whole bunch of people that I know. He is in a different mission but still in Guatemala. Finally at 4 we got to the bus station and ate "linner". When we finally got home it was almost 11pm. I feel bad for Hna. Rebolledo because Friday was her first Cumplemez and she had to spend it waiting ALL DAY.
Saturday was pretty good. It rained all day.  The ward had an activity for the youth and the youth invited a bunch of their nonmembers friends, so the missionaries got invited to come to the activity. It was fun to watch, but we didn't get to really participate, because they were all outdoor games and well.... I wear skirts. It was fun anyways. Sunday we went to church and like I said that family came to church. We had a pretty quiet days and once again not a ton of lessons. But it was still really good. 
So this week I am still parasite free. I am still adjusting to having a new companion. It is a little harder to adjust because we come from totally different countries and cultures. But she is really sweet and we are trying to make this companionship work. More about hna. Rebolledo: She comes from a family of 6 kids and is the youngest of them all. She likes to play sports. She likes french fries, potato chips and hamburgers. She came on her mission because she wants to share the happiness of the gospel with others. She is really sweet and works hard. Sometimes we have a difference of opinions,. but that is to be expected from two people who are so different. I am excited to work with her. I have a pictured attached of her. 
I love you so much. More than all the snickersin all the world.
You are amazing and thank you for sending the pictures. They made me smile.
Hermana Hansen 


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