Saturday, September 6, 2014

Day 140 (Week 19) -  Another week in Coban and a message in Spanish.

Para contestar su pregunta de la semana pasada sobre mi español y si tengo sueños en español....Yo no puedo decir. Yo se que mi español es mejor y yo puedo hablar mas, pero no recuerdo mis sueños mucho. Yo pienso en español y para mi, este es suficiente. (you can google translate and tell me what it says. That is your homework)

According to Google Translate this is what she wrote:   

To answer your question from last week about my Spanish and if I have dreams in Spanish .... I can not say. I know that my Spanish is better and I can talk more, but I do not remember my dreams much. I think in Spanish and to me, this is enough.

So this week has been really different, nothing is ever the same here. 
Tuesday was a normal day. We woke up, did our exercise, did our studies and then left the house to work. Wednesday we had a district meeting in the morning and then afterwards the sister trainer leaders needed to talk with us about my new companion. Mostly just trying to help us stay excited about the work. That night we had a visit with a girl named Monica. She is 16 years old and really interested. We had a lesson about the Restoration and Joseph Smith. The spirit was really strong. We invited her to be baptized, and she would, but she studies on Sunday, so this is an obstacle that we have to figure out a way to overcome. The next day we had surprise divisions with the sister trainer leaders, so Hna. Faught got to be in our area with Hna. Rebolledo and I got to go to the area of Hna. Faught with Hna. Allen. I learned a lot that day about how I can improve my teaching and things I can do to make my lessons feel more comfortable for me and my investigator. Also, that night it rained SUPER hard. It was pouring and we were soaked when we entered the house. But, the truth is, I love nights like that because I am tried and can sleep really well and the sound of the rain is really peaceful.
Friday we had a lesson with a woman named Olimpia. she has been listening to us for a while. She has yet to come to church and continues to go to her church. But, that night we had a break through. We were talking about Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the Priesthood. In the pamphlet it mentions that the Resurrected John the Bap., peter, James and John gave the keys to Joseph Smith. This did not set well with her. She started in on this tangent about how she knows the Bible and it doesn't say anything about other people being resurrected, and where does it talk about the priesthood and does it mention Joseph Smith, etc. I wanted to just argue with her so bad, but I held my tongue and I am glad I did because next, she started to calm and down and told us "I just want some proof of this in the Bible. This is my salvation. I take it very seriously. I have already changed 3 churches and I am looking for the truth, I don't want to mess around. If I am going to change churches again, I need to know for certain." (not exact, but close enough). I was taken back. At first I thought she was just listening to us , because the message is nice. But, now I know she really has thought about this. The spirit is working on her and  she is being prepared. We just need to have patience. I told  her I would study her questions for her this week and I already found some really good scriptures for her. I love experiences like the one with her. It reminds me why I am here. I am here to do the serious work of saving souls. 
Saturday was good too. It rained a ton. almost none of our planned visits worked that day, but that is okay because we found a new person named Vanessa. We visited her and I really felt like she is prepared to listen to us too. During our first visit she already felt the spirit and was crying. Sunday was crazy busy as always. I feel like Sunday is the most stressful day of the week. We wake up early to go by investigators houses to bring them and then if the are not ready, we help them or move on and take their word that they will actually show up and then we pass by more houses of investigators. then when we finally enter the church building, we nervously wait to see if anyone else will show like the promised they would. Usually after church we eat a member´s house. her name is Hna. Fraatz. She is our neighbor and one of my favorite people in the world. Afterwards we run from visit to visit. Sundays we have to be in the house earlier to count dates. Last night was a little different. All the sisters stayed at the sister trainer leaders house. We had a sister bonding activity and then slept there that night. It was cool to see other sisters from other districts and areas and get to know them a little better. I even got to see Hna. Sorensen, which was awesome.
Now to answer some of your questions. We walk almost everywhere. We only take a bus to district and zone meetings and the plaza on Monday to write our families and buy groceries. All the main roads here are paved or cobble stone. There are a lot of streets in our area that are gravel. The Subway and McDonald's are at the plaza. The plaza is just big mall here. They have everything we need. They have a food court and clothes stores, but of course everything is more expensive there.  
We have one ward for our church building. The church building is a little smaller than ours in the states. It is just as nice. The biggest difference is that No one, I mean NO ONE has carpet. We have too many bugs here to have carpet. Everything is tile. 
I love it here. It feels like home right now. I have been lucky. i adjusted really fast. Nothing has been awkward or uncomfortable. I love it.
I miss you all and hope everything is going well.
Love you all my heart.
Hermana Hansen
P-day stands for Pancake day.This is what we ate this morning. Serving my companion is SWEET.

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