Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 133 (Week 18)- New Companion

So this week was one of the weirdest weeks of my life. After I wrote last Monday, we finished our day with a Family Home Evening with some members and ate cake for Hna. Faught´s birthday, then we went home and I went to bed so I could have energy to work with my new companion the next day. So, I went to sleep and about an hour later I threw up. from that point on I was throwing up all night long. The next day instead of being trained to be a trainer and meeting my new companion, I slept and Hna. Faught got to watch while I slept......ALL DAY. So, that night my companion entered the house scared and confused and kind of just did her thing. The next day, I learned that her name is Hermana Rebolledo (Reh-Bo-Yed-Do). She is from Peru and doesn't speak a lick of English. She is 22 years old and just like me this is her first time living on her own. Something cool about her is that she likes Green Day and wants to work really hard.
So, Wednesday I went to the Clinic and spent almost all day there waiting to get my results that came back positive for a parasite. So cool thing, I had a little animal thing living inside of me for a week or so (Insert really big smiley face like the one attached)
(I hope this goes in the blog). Thursday morning was an adventure because we left the house early to go to the office, so I could get some money to buy my parasite pills, we were not 100 percent sure how to get there so poor Hna. Faught had a lot of "Wait, so do I turn left at the light or right at the light" calls. But don't worry, we found the office, luckily it isn't too far from our area. 
So, I took my pills and I am happy to anounce that I am parasite free. 

Now before you worry too much mom I want to you to see the pictures I have posted. I am happy, tan and full of life. I have energy and I think I feel better now than before I was sick (MIRACLE ALERT) . Hahaha!  But seriously, I dont know why I am telling you this, you will probably freak out anyway. I am actually excited, I get to join the Missionaries-Who-Have-Had-A-Parasite-Club (the MWHHAP). Cool thing about this is that most of my best friends are now in this club. 
So more about my companion and tranining. Training takes place in the morning during our studies. Then during the day I just show her how to do things like contact people on the street, what should we do when we enter a house, etc. Also I get to answer any questions she has. 
This last week was weird in our area, because it seemed like there was nobody out..NO ONE. The streets were empty. We had planned to practice street contacting, but that was a bust so we started knocking doors. Cool thing about this was a couple people let us in, which was really unexpected. 
I like my companion. This week was really hard for her. She only had 3 weeks in total away from her family so I am sure you can imagine that it is a little hard. But, she just keeps on going. She is a little trooper. I think this change and the next will be good.
We met this 16 year old girl the other day named Monica.  She let us come in and we taught her a little bit. We invited her to be baptized and she said she wanted to learn more first. The Spirit was good with her and I think she will enjoy listening to us. after the lesson, Hna. Rebolledo said to me "With Monica...I think yes."   Me too.
We don't have a ton of investigators right now, but we will keep searching and working hard. The Lord will provide the people who are ready.
So my Spanish has improved a lot. Our investigators keep telling me so. I think it will be really good when I have some time with Hna. Rebolledo and only speaking Spanish.
I am glad that everything with the family is good. It is always a happy time on Monday when I get to read these letters. 
I love you family 
I love you momma.  You are the best and if you have any questions don't worry about me I am really, REALLY good.
I love you. I am safe.
Hermana Hansen

Hermana Hansen & Hermana Rebolledo

 Looking Healthy even after a parasite!


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  1. Looking forward to meeting you Hermanita Hansen…soon !