Monday, August 18, 2014

Day 126 (Week 17)- From trainee to trainer!!

(Four Months on Mission)

Sooooo, Momma, this week has been crazy weird. Tuesday was super long! It started out with a call from Hermana Curtiss. We were super confused. She told us that we needed to come to the office, that we were going to eat lunch with them there and then she needed to talk. So we get there and all the office elders are sitting there and we eat lunch with them and Hermana Curtiss. Then we find out that this is not just a normal lunch, it is President Curtiss' Birthday. So we ate, sang to him and ate cake. We were the only sisters there and we felt like the really awkward black sheep. We talked about our favorite birthday presents and I told them about the year I got a banana. Then when we were done eating we got really nervous, because we knew that Hna. Curtiss needed to talk to us, but we didn't know about what. So, in our heads we are trying to prepare thinking about any members or investigators or problems we were having. Nothing. So, curiously we entered a room with her and she explained that she would like to do a practice lesson with us. Ahhhhh  a sigh of relief. So she told us how we as sisters need to work on emphasizing the God head and their roles individually and how important it is to know that we are children of God and what that means. We learned a lot from our practice. After that we went back to our area and back to work. It felt like all we did from that point on was knock doors. We could not get into any houses until after 6pm and then we only had 1 lesson in total. It was rough. So then we prayed really hard that night that we would be able to get into a house and find new people the next day. We had a district meeting that morning and then with faith we went to work. It was almost the same as the day before. Knocking door after door. We had 2 lessons that night. Thursday was exactly like the day before. We were starting to get discouraged. So the next morning we decided to mix it up a little. We did our personal and comp. study and then we went out to work until lunch. Then we would finish our studies.....and guess what.....We found our first new investigator of the whole week. Hallelujah!!!!!!! Then that night we had some really good lessons too.
Saturday was my cumplemez!!!!! Yep! I have 4 months on the mission. Super cool right!?! So then that night we went to visit a less active member and her 4 children. That night we set a fecha (date) with her daughter Dulce. She is going to get baptized on the 13 of September. I am so excited for her. We had a really good lesson about the God head and the spirit was so strong. Then that night we got a call from President about changes. He told us that Hna. Faught was leaving to be a sister trainer leader, but he didn't tell about me. She was so sad that she would be leaving this baptism that we were working so hard for. On the positive side, she is still in my district. We went home after that and after we entered the house We got a call from one of the AP's. He was like, 
"So Hna. Hansen, I think you know you are staying in this area."
"We want you to train."
"What did you say?
"Yes, you are ready....."
Sooooooo, basically, I am going to train somebody brand spanking new! Everyone is like "wow" and I am like the 3 letter "w" word you are looking for is "WHY". But I guess, the Lord probably has a reason for this. I am sure I will learn a lot. I feel nervous because I just barely finished my training on Saturday and now I am training someone. Weird! Anyways, that has been our week.
So momma, to answer some of your questions:
I am doing relatively well (refer back to last paragraph).
Hna. Faught is being transferred.
I am not.
I do not know my companion yet.
We are teaching a lot of people. A family with an inactive member and his wife and children (Carlos and Magdelena). They are so awesome Sunday we woke them up and made them breakfast so that they would come to church. He has been wanting to come back for a while, but making the commitment was hard.  He was happy to be back and his wife is really interested. 
The weather is hot., it hasn't rained too much this week, which made this week a little more painful (cross out that word and replace with peaceful...heh heh).
Oh and yes I did get the package. I got it on Tuesday at district meeting and everyone was curious and jealous about the HUGE package. Without even seeing the name I knew it was mine because it looked like "Chuck and the children" on the front. haha please tell me I am right. Anyways. It had my hair and face product. amazing cookie dough that we baked with a member last night, tons of chocolate. 4 shirts. The sweetest cards. Pictures of Jesus from grandma and pictures of the family and the cutest Little Mermaid Pez that sits on my desk currently. hahaha. I think that is all, but I may be forgetting something, let me know.
I love you all and was super happy to get the package and pictures this week. 
I love you all.
Hermana Hansen

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