Monday, August 18, 2014

Day 119 (Week 16) -  Lasagna and Zone Activity

So, this week was totally crazy........AWESOME!!!
Tuesday when we looked in my training booklet. It said that this week I am supposed to take initiative in all the lessons. To be honest, I was sort of freaking out about that. So, Tuesdays lessons were kind of awkward as I tried to remember all the things we are supposed to do and go over in our lessons. Then Tuesday came an it was a lot better. Still kind of awkward, but I had learned some stuff. Wednesday was the weirdest of them all. We had divisions with the sister trainer leaders. So I was left in our area. I was really nervous for this but kind of excited because I wanted to show her that I was able to take care of our area. So of course nothing went right. It felt like every visit we planned for up until 6:00 fell through. Then our member that was supposed to accompany us couldn't come. So I called every sister in the phone to see if one could come. Finally we had a lesson and at 7:30 we got a member who could come to one of the visits. In all the whole day we had 3 lessons.
The next day we split up and went back to our areas and normal companions. I was happy that Hna. Faught didn't have a lot of problems to fix from leaving me to tend to our area. Saturday, we did studies with the sister trainer leaders and got feed back. They said I need to work on my follow questions and well all other questions in general. BUT, she also said that I am good at taking time to build a relationship with my investigators and that I am good at teaching simply (she said a lot of people don't teach simply as they learn more Spanish because now they can communicate, but I keep it simple). Bonus points for Hermana Hansen!!!!! 
So then it rained a lot on Saturday. Then Sunday we ate at a members house and almost died from a food overdose. So. Much. Lasagna! We got three new investigators from this day. It is a mom and her 2 daughters. They are super sweet and I am excited to go visit them again. 
Today we had our zone activity. We went to an orchid garden. It would have been really cool, But...... the orchids are not in bloom right now!!!!!!!!! The 3 pictures of flowers you got are like all we saw. hahaha, but it was fun. Afterwards there was this like grass clearing and we made people pyramids and we played some games and kind of just hung out for a while. It was fun..........
So we have this lady who was inactive for a really long time. Her name is Gloria. She has 7 kids. The 3 oldest daughters are baptized, but don't go to church and the 4 youngest have never been baptized. Well, Sunday morning we woke them up made them a ton of pancakes while they got ready and took Hna. Gloria and 3 of her kids to church. One of her daughters is really excited about talking to us and has talked about baptism and Hna. Gloria loved the happiness she felt when she came to church. It was probably the best part of my week. This Saturday I will complete 4 months and we are planning a baptism for one of our investigators named Amilcar. Also we find out if we have changes on this Saturday. Also, next Monday Hna. Faught is going to have her birthday. We will have to do something fun for her birthday. 
Oh also we have this family we are working with. He is an inactive member, but she is listening to us. Her name is Magdelena. She loves when we come to visit and wants to come to church next Sunday. 
I love my mission. I have met so many amazing people here. I hope I don't get changed this next week, I love my area too much.
I love you family. I am so glad everything is going well.  I love you all. Keep being amazing.
Hermana Hansen
 Pictures from our zone activity.

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