Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day 112 (Week 15)

I asked her if she was getting enough to drink and if the food was doing okay on her stomach.  Also we asked how her Spanish was coming and if she is able to get the things she needs.  Here is what she had to say...

Mom!  Seriously, I am doing great. I am healthy and happy. Everyone here drinks water from those big water jugs. So it is safe. I have a water bottle that I just refill and keep with me. I haven't really had any problems with not feeling good. Saturday night was the first time, I went to bed a little early and now I feel FABULOUS! The biggest problem I have is bug bites, but I wear repellant and generally I am good. The food is good. Mostly people just eat chicken or eggs and beans and tortillas. SO really nothing I can't handle. A lot of times when we get invited to members houses, they serve us spaghetti. They either think a super nice dinner or that is what we all eat in the states. I am not sure which yet. We have a mall here in Coban just about 15 minutes from our area. This mall has everything we need. There is a store inside called pais. I think it is owned by Walmart so basically " if they don't have it, I don't need it." That is where I have been feeding my snicker addiction. But the truth is I got burnt out on snickers.  The language is good. I know before the mission I could not speak ANY Spanish, but now I can mostly communicate my thoughts. The biggest problem I am having now I is talking faster so that I don't loose people's attention. but, that will come with more practice. 

So, changes are coming up in a couple weeks. I am scared that I will be changed. I love my companion. Hna. Faught is awesome. Speaking of Hna. Faught. So the last day of this change happens to be her birthday. She feels like she is getting old. I want to do something fun for her birthday. the Zone leaders asked what kind of things she likes, I think they are going to do something for her too. I also have been working with the Relief Society Pres. We are going to plan a breakfast for her and invite all her favorite people.  
So, supposedly, next week we are supposed to have a zone activity. I am SO excited.  I am not sure what we are doing, but it will be fun to mix up my week a little bit. Also, did I tell you that last week we had a Zone Conference. It was really good. The most important thing I learned from it was that we need to look at everyone not only as children of God, but that they have the potential to one day inherit all that God has and be gods of their own. Sometimes I get in the habit of looking at people and judging them based off of their looks and I forget that they have amazing divine potential.
Also, next week is supposed to be the baptism of our investigator, Amilcar. They have been working with him since about 2 weeks before I came to Coban, so basically a long time. He is super pilas (a word we use a lot here meaning hard worker or quality, like awesome :)). He needs the gospel so much in his life. He has a really difficult past and I have seen a HUGE change in him, since the first time I met him. So it has been kind of difficult in our area lately. It just is really slow. We have a hard time finding people and then when we find them, they never keep commitments. Especially when it comes to going to church. Amilcar is the only one with a date right now. But I feel like something big is coming. Maybe we will find a family this week. Faith and hard work is all that is required for miracles, So I will just continue to do what I am doing. 
I am glad to know that Justin had fun at Scout Camp. I loved the pictures. Tell him to email me and tell me ALL ABOUT IT. 
I hope you have fun in Utah. Tell Grandma and Grandpa I said Hi and miss them. 
Attached is a picture of some cute kids in our ward that were sitting with us on Thursday while we waited for Correlation.
I love you all and am doing great.
Love, Hermana Hansen
Here is a picture of our zone .

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