Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day 105!! (Week 14) - One hundred days and counting

So first of all, that big family you asked  (The one she spoke about with seven kids, and three families living together) about was unfortunately almost completely a dud. But notice I said almost. They had a daughter-in-law that seemed really interested so one day we went back and the family told us that she had moved out. We were super disappointed but we moved on. 2 weeks went by, we did not think of her once, then out of the blue one day we found her walking down the street. She was so excited to see us. She didn't have a phone so she couldn't call us but she was trying to find us. She was in our area so we could visit her. But her family is super Evangelico, so it got to a point where she stopped answering our calls. We are pretty sure her family was telling her crap about us when we would leave. But we know  one day someone will find her and she will get baptized, now is just not her time.

So there are 3 people I need to tell you about: Erwin, Pedro and Julio.  Erwin is this 18 year old boy that we started teaching. We are teaching him and his mom and 2 sisters. We are 99.99% positive that he is in love with Hna. Faught. Last time we went to visit them we started walking up to their house and all of the sudden American Music started to play really loud and he came out of the back room only wearing a towel, it was super awkward when I had to shake his hand. But after he went back to his room and came back he was wearing soooooo much cologne . Then our lesson took literally 2 hours because he kept getting distracted by little things that Hna. Faught would say. In the end, the truth is he is still interested and his sisters and mom like to listen too. 
Next up Pedro. So do you remember the character Zero from the movie "Holes."  Well he looks and acts just like him only about 4 years older. He is super quiet but when he talks you are really interested and  confused at the same time. He is really observant and kind of awkward but some thing keeps telling us that he is interested in the gospel. The other day we brought him to an activity at the church.  While we were waiting for the activity to start we were talking with him out side with some members and somebody noticed he had his ear pierced. He then looked over at Hhna. Faught tucked her hair behind her ear and caressed her ear lobe, then was like "Oh, it looks like your ears are not pierced."  The whole time Hna Faught was looking at me like "AAHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT DO I DO THIS IS SO WEIRD!"  I was trying so hard not to burst into laughter. Oh and Hna Faught keeps forgetting his name so when they welcomed him o the activity they called him Pablo because that is hat Hna. Faught thought it was.  He was all like "Who the heck is Pablo?"   Hahahaha funny times.  
Last of all and probably best of all is Julio. Julio is this old man we found who has an eye problem so he always wears sunglasses. We brought him to the church to watch the Joseph Smith movie  and the spirit was really strong. So when it got to the part where God and Christ appear to Joseph Smith I looked over to see his reaction and.........The old man was DEAD ASLEEP!!!!!!!  I was cracking up.  I got Hna Faught's attention and she started to laugh, our member thought it was funny too. When we turned the lights back on he woke up and we asked him what he thought of the movie. He responded with, "Well, I cant really say right now."  Hahaha. 
So weather. We got a lot of rain the last couple of days. We will have 3 days a week where it is pretty dry and hot and no rain and then the rest of the days are pouring buckets of rain. Supposedly we are supposed to do a zone activity this change, but I don't know for sure.
I love you and miss you. Keep being amazing. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Also look for the blessings and good things in your life. 
Hermana Hansen


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