Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 91 (Week 13) - Three months on her mission and the things learned

So this week will mark my 3rd month in Guatemala! Crazy right?
During these 3 months I have learned and seen so much

Things I have learned: 
  • A lot of Spanish
  • How to live without my family
  • That I have an addiction for frozen Snickers
  • That Coban gets a ton of rain
  • That cemeteries in Guatemala are pretty cool
  • How to plan my days
  • That I love chapitos 
  • How to make tortillas
  • That people don't live like they do in America
  • Also I am beginning to see how the gospel can influence people for and to do good

This last week was weird.
It was the beginning of our second change as a companionship. We made a goal on Wednesday to only speak in Spanish during the week. It was the hardest goal we have made yet. It is not that I don't like Spanish, it is just easier to speak in English. This week we also put a baptismal date with one of our investigators. His name is Amilcar. He has a difficult background and it has been so cool to see him change. We have been teaching him since before I came to Coban. I have seen a huge change in him.  The change is everything from his attitude to the fact that he keeps commitments now, to that he looks happier too.

We also met a family. The husband is an inactive member and the wife has never listened to missionaries before. They have 3 little kids. We got them to come to the church to watch the Joseph Smith video. By the end of the video the wife was crying and after her husband prayed, She was bawling. The spirit was so strong. We just need to get them really married. I really believe that she will get baptized and they will be sealed in the temple. 
Friday was a hard day, We couldn't get anyone to let us in. The Mundial (world cup) has been a big challenge for us. Here soccer is a Huge deal. So when the Mundial is on, nobody wants us. We just knock doors forever. But luckily, Sunday was the end of the Mundial. Germany won and now people will need to think of a different excuse not to let us in.

Sunday while we were knocking doors in one of our neighborhoods, we started to hear whistling. We looked around and saw three 10 year old boys hiding behind their door whistling. They would whistle, then hide, then whistle and hide. So Hna. Faught and I ran up next to their door and when they stuck there head out we jumped out at them. They started screaming like little girls.
Today when we exercised, we went to a track called the poli. There were steps outside, so Hna. Faught and I decided to jump up them. We started on both legs and I slipped once. I was okay, so when Hna. Faught started to jump up on one leg, I thought I can do that. Well, I couldn't. I fell again, but this time instead of just slipping, I fell. hit my face, stomach and scratched up my knees. Luckily, it didn't bruise my face ( lucky because we all know my face is my best feature!)  ( heh.....heh). 
On Saturday, we had a crazy rain storm. From Monday to Friday it was really hot and pretty dry, so we knew it was going to rain soon. But it more than rained. We were blessed because when it started to rain, we were in a house, not on the streets. (The pictures attached are of the kids of the lady whose house we were in during this time). We had to wait for the rain to stop to teach because her house was made of lamina, so the rain was extra loud. 
All in all this week was a good one. We taught a lot and met a ton of people. I am glad that all is well at home and everyone is busy. 
I love you all and continue to pray for you.
Hermana Hansen

This should explain my snicker addiction.
Also the other picture is with Hna. Yates and Gonzalez. They are in our district. 


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