Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 84 (Week 12)- A trip to a cemetery

So this week went by so fast! Tuesday Hna. Faught and I fasted for dad and that his surgery would go well. That was the longest day of the week. The funny part was that because we were fasting of course, EVERYONE offered us food. When we fast here on the mission, it starts the night before at dinner time and then you end it the next day with Lunch. 12 o clock came and we hit our knees right away to end our fast. hahaha. But, I am happy to hear that dads surgery went well.

This last week it was hot with not so much rain and cold at night. We had some baptisms this week. Sandy who is ten and Johanna who is a single mom were baptized this week. Both of them have been waiting for way too long to be baptized. We wanted to baptize Sandy earlier but had to make sure she was committed to coming to church. She was so happy to be baptized, she got to bear her testimony at the baptism and she cried she was so happy. Johanna had to some problems come up so her baptism was rescheduled to this week. She was so happy to be baptized too. Hna. Faught and I went to the church at 7 that morning to fill up the font. The elders told us that they would turn it off later that day. When we arrived later that night at 6 for the baptism, the font was almost to the point that it was about to over flow. Then the lights turned off in the room with the baptismal font. We lit some candles and had a baptism by candle light. It was really a great baptism and I love Sandy and Johanna so much that it may be my favorite baptisms for a while.

Oh, so on the fourth of July we did not really do anything exciting, we worked hard all day and then that night we ate a celebratory chocolate pudding cup. hehe. We did however find a new person to teach. Her name is Karla. She is still in high school and lives with her parents. Her dad is super Evangelico (don't know how to say that in English) but we met her when she was selling stuff at her families gift shop sort of store. She was really interested and said she had even studied our religion on the internet and had a bunch of questions. She said from what she saw, we were one of the few religions that actually try to practice what we teach. She was scared to let us pray because her dad was near by and she didn't want him to by angry. We invited her to the baptism the next day and she said she wasn't sure if she could go but we could drop by the next day and see. We also found out that she spoke a little bit of English. We came back and she said she talked to her parents about listening to us. Her mom is good with it but her dad is a little confused and just thinks we are her friend. We did get to meet her mom and dad and they said we are always welcome as long as we try to speak English with her. I am just happy about the part where he said ALWAYS WELCOME.

Sunday was good too. We got to eat at a members house for dinner. We had a soup like dinner with rice and tortillas. Lately when we do service it has been helping women make tortillas, sooooooo, I am getting way better at making them. By the time I get home I will be a pro. Also we found some new houses in our area in a neighborhood with a ton of plant life, so when we searched it out, I totally got eaten alive by mosquitos. ugh!

On Saturday morning, we had our first real encounter with a dog. It had crazy eyes and came up to us barking and its hair was standing up, We just backed away and luckily it didn't chase us. There are a ton of dogs in Coban that just roam the street. Usually the dogs on the street are nice, but if you go onto a dog's property, you better be careful. People always ask why we bring our umbrella everywhere. We tell them it is in case it rains and to protect us from the dogs hahaha.  But seriously we are always careful and ask it there are dogs before we enter a place we don't know very well, if there are and the people tell us they bite, we either take some one with us or avoid it. But, we know the lords protects us.

So today is P-day and most missionaries did normal stuff like workout in the morning and clean their laundry. Not us. Why? Cause we are not normal missionaries. When we went on our jog this morning, we jogged to a cemetery (pictures to come). It was pretty cool. The cemetery is put on a hill and the goes into a valley-ish area. Everyone is buried above ground. It is really a happenin' place I mean everyone is just dying to get in.......hahaha. But really it was really cool and we had a good hike through this place we had to sit down halfway through our walk, because we were dead tired.....meh heh.
Anyways, we also went to Pizza Hut in the Plaza for lunch with all the other missionaries in our zone because today is cambios (changes) and some of the missionaries are leaving tomorrow. So we said good bye to our Zone leader who is going home and the elders in our district are leaving our zone too. Elder Gomez, our district leader is going to Polochik to be a Zone leader. Polochik is where it is literally the jungle and they don't send sisters because it is supposedly dangerous, but we will see, maybe they will open up and area for sisters. 
Oh and by the way, Hna. Faught was the one who killed the cockroach. Also, I got your letter this week. 
I love you all sooo much.
You are always in my prayers.
Hermana Hansen


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