Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 77 (Week 11) -  A trip to the Capital and a letter from her companion!

This week was super crazy. It started last P-day when we had so many things to do that we didn't rest at all. Then Tuesday we worked and I went over to the sister trainer's house to spend the night. The next day I went to the capital with a Latina, Hermana Fernandez. We had to go to renew our visa paperwork. We had to get up at 2 in the morning to ride a bus for 4 hours then when we got to the mission office we sat there for about 2 and a half hours. Then we signed papers for about 15 minutes waited at the mission office for another hour and got on the bus for 4 hours . Sitting down is exhausting. We had to get our tickets and there were 2 Elders with us. One of the elders spoke a little bit of English and my comp. for the day didn't speak any. I kind of took control of the group and made sure we got home hahaha. The cool thing was being able to speak Spanish. At first when I got here I hated speaking Spanish and would speak English every chance I got, but I am learning that Spanish is kind of fun. I like it.
The next day we had divisions. I was with Hna. Cena who is from El Salvador. She doesn't speak English either. I got to work in her area that day. It was weird being away from Hna. Faught that day, but a cool learning experience. Last week I was kind of frustrated thinking to myself why is this work so hard, why can't we get people to just let us in or why won't these people talk to us, why don't we have a baptism every week? Working in another area showed me that it is going to be this way everywhere, because these are people. It is easy to move an object, you just pick it up and place it somewhere else, but these are people, they have the ability to choose. Sometimes they don't understand what we have, but that is why we are here. We need to bring the spirit and help them see the blessings of the gospel.
One thing Hna. Cena said I can improve on talking more and being more direct when I talk. But she did tell me that she thinks I will make a good leader and she can see that I have a strong testimony.
Here when we fast it is from Saturday night to Sunday after lunch. For some reason Hna Faught and I thought it was fast Sunday this Sunday so we fasted. We were so confused when we got to church and the meetings were the same and everybody was eating in sacrament meeting like usual. Then we saw our calendar, we saw that we were way wrong, but I am sure we will receive blessings. We ate lunch at a members house on Sunday then afterwards we had a visit with a guy who we met on the street. He is from Chicago and he speaks English, but his mom is from Guatemala  so he moved here 2 years ago. It was soooo weird teaching in English, Hna. Faught could barely do it and had to say some things in Spanish. 
It has been a weird, but fun week. I was happy to be with Hna. Faught again by then end of the week. 
also, I do not wear sunscreen. It is too cloudy and rains to much, I don't need it. I also am a little darker in my face, but not burnt anywhere. 
I am doing well and am happy to hear from everybody. Be good to dad. 
I love you all and I  keep you in my prayers.
Hermana Hansen
I also wrote Katelyn's companion and this is what she said:
Hermana Hansen! (mom version...) 

I'm just gonna tell you that your daughter is doing so great here in her first change. She has stepped so far outside her comfort zone, and loves the work. She is determined to baptize every person we see... hahaha and she really is a great missionary!

She loves you guys, the family is the most important thing to her. But she is farrrr from homesick haha so don't worry about that!   She's gaining lots of confidence, and talking to a lot of people. You guys should be proud of the person she's becoming, and I can promise you will be so surprised when she returns. She's great!

I want you to know also that nothing will happen to her here. I've got her back, and she's completely safe! And so happy!! 

This is the Lords work, and I know your family will see blessings that will come from her service to the Lord. You guys sound like a great crew, and I'm sure i'll meet you one day!

Have a great week, and know that I take care of your daughter like she's my little baby... hahahhaha I'm her mission mom. Of course she's in great hands!

Hermana Guat

I mean Faught... that just got super awkward... 

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