Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 70 (Week 10) - Lots of Pictures!

So, this week......
Honestly it went by so fast that I hardly remember all of it. I know that this week was hot, like really hot a few days and I even burned my nose a little, but it also rained a ton. One night that streets were all flooded.
One of the most frustrating visits we had this week was on Saturday. We were supposed to visit a girl named Myra. She is almost completely deaf, so it is difficult for people to teach her. She is really smart and can read lips if we talk slow, so we do. We have visited her once before and she and we, really felt the spirit really strong. So we came back like we planned but she was working in the store in front of her house. She couldn't get out of it so right as we were about to plan another day, her friend came out from the back and was like, we are Christians here and we don't need you to teach her anymore and you are going to mess this up, so don't come back. We politely explained that we were Christians too, smiled, left a book of Mormon with Myra, smiled again and left. The most frustrating part of this is that she wants a relationship with God, but no one ever takes the time to explain and help her understand and now we can't visit her.
Oh! last night before I got in the shower I looked up of the door frame and there was this nasty ugly cockroach looking thing sitting there. I called Hna. Faught in and we both kind of screamed. Then we screamed louder when we realized this big cockroach was giving birth to a baby cockroach!!!!! It was the grossest thing I have ever seen in my life. We killed of course, but I itched all night after that. 
Sunday was Dia de Padre (Father's Day), so Saturday night the ward had a big activity. The Relief Society was in charge and they made so much food. We went over to help cook and set up, they started cooking at 3:00 and the dinner started at 7:00.  The food was being cooked right up until 7:00. It was good and we had a bunch of investigators come that night. We played basketball and the dads played games and told jokes and sang songs for us. 
Momma, my Spanish is coming a long. I understand almost everything. But, we still check for understanding after lessons. I am slow when I speak, but I can get almost everything that I say out. Hna. Faught and I speak too much English when we are together. She thinks that my next companion will be a Latina so that I can only speak Spanish. 
This fourth we will be preparing for the baptism of 2 of or investigators. Johanna and Sandy. Sandy is 10 and has wanted to get baptized for a long time, but her family is not interested so we had to make sure that she really wanted this. Johanna is a single mom. Her baptism was planned for a couple weeks ago, but some stuff came up and we had to move it. Both people have really strong testimonies and a ton of faith. It is soo cool to see people progress in the gospel.

I love my mission and have been learning so much. Tell everybody that I said hi. I love you so much.


Hermana Hansen

The children we taught last week.  I had the pamphlets.

Maria on her baptism day.

2 months being on the mission - Celebrate with McFlurries!
Just relaxing on my bed.

I got a package from home and this is what I got.  CANDY!!!!

Lunch with my companion Herman Faught.  It's a traditional Guatemalan Meal.  Rice, chicken, noodles, and of course tortillas.
Happy birthday to my mom.

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