Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day 63 (Week 9)- Two month Anniversary in Mission

When we read this letter, we laughed because it sounded just like Katelyn!

This week has been an insanely crazy but awesome week. It was the fastest week yet. Oh, but before I forget, guess what?  Today is my 2nd Cumplmes (month birthday).  I am 2 months old in the mission. To Celebrate we got McFlurries. I ate one and we had some extra time, so I ate 2....bad decision.

So some weird things happened this week. So on Wednesday we helped a lady named Nancy carry her fire wood home. We were not sure if we would get a visit out of this but we thought we would try anyways and she told us we could return to her house the next day. So. we went back on Thursday and met her Mother-in-law, Sisters-in-law and all their 7 kids. At first when we got there they were really nice and we told them we wanted to share a message with them. But they totally changed the subject and started interrogating Hna. Faught about guys and if she has a boyfriend and if she could get one on the mission or if she could get married on the mission or bring a man home or if she like Guatemalans or white boys then shoving pictures in our face and asking if their brother looked white and handsome to her or not. Finally Hna. Faught lied and told them she had a boyfriend at home. They were disappointed, but not discouraged. So then they started dressing her up like a Barbie in a Corte and wiepel, and sandals. and made me take about a million and a half pictures. First it was of Hna. Faught, then one of the sisters, then the sister and Hna. Faught then all the kids. then one kid and so one. After about 30 minutes of photo shoot, They wanted Hna. Faught to make tortillas with them. So while Hna Faught made tortillas I got attacked by children because I had pamphlets. When we were done here We had 3 new investigators and plans to come back the next day, but the fun was not over. We went back the next day and there were about seven more people(all men) waiting for us. They welcomed us in then overwhelmed us with questions about the church. We found out that all the people lived in the same house and they were all related. We finally calmed them down enough to share a Mormon message on the portable DVD player we brought. They were quiet and listened really well and the spirit was really strong. Hna. Faught was holding the DVD player at the end of the table so that everyone could see it. When it was done she closed it and started testifying about the church and our message. By the end of her testimony, she really got in it and went full on Southern preacher when she started saying, "We invite you, you, you, all of you to be baptized into the true Church of Jesus Christ when you know for yourself that it is true and I know you can know." The whole time one of the men at the table was saying, "Amen, amen, amen."   When we were done the spirit was really strong and they said they would listen to our message some more. We didn't realize what had really happened until we left and were laughing really hard.

The next morning we had a Hermanas Meeting at the stake center. We have to take a short bus ride to get there. Hna. Faught was not feeling good and fell asleep on the bus. You know I am not good with directions, so we missed our stop. Our 15 minute bus ride turned into a 45 minute bus ride. It was fun and we got to see a different part of Coban that we had never seen before. When we finally got to the meeting, they taught us some cool ways to teach the first lesson. It was really good and I got to see Hna. Sorenson from the CCM.

After wards all but 2 of our visit got cancelled. The 2 were last minute lessons so they could have their baptismal interviews. The first one was not prepared to be baptized this week  so she has been changed to the 5 of July. It was a little disappointing but it will be better this way. The next one was Maria. It is difficult some times to teach her because she speaks more Qeqchi than Spanish, but when her interview was done Elder Gomez said it was one of the most powerful interviews he has ever conducted. Needless to say. Maria, was baptized the next day. It was amazing to be able to help one of Gods children take the first step to the Celestial kingdom. The next day was Sunday and we had a really good sacrament meeting. We ate lunch at a members house. She is our neighbor. Her name is Hna. Fratz. She is really nice. 

To answer your questions. I got a letter from April and Summer and it made my day. We have a 3 branches in our stake. Our district is part of Barrio 2. We all meet at the same building. Elder Gomez is our district leader. Elder Parker is his companion. Elder Gomez reminds me of Ricky Ricardo, but He can't sing. What makes it better is that Elder Parker is a red head. The other sisters in our district are Hna. Delarosa and Hna. CasteƱeda. They are all really friendly and hard workers. It doesn't get very cold here, but it rains a lot and there are a lot of bugs. I have the stereotypical sister missionary legs with all my bug bites and shoe tan. I eat peanut and butter jelly sandwiches everyday and cereal too. I also eat fruit like bananas and apples. When we go to peoples houses a lot of times they offer us something to drink like herbal tea or MorCaf (coffee replacement) and bread or a cookie. We have a meal at a members house probably once a week. A lot of nights I buy chapitos which are like little tamales from this old woman that sells them from her house. I eat these for dinner a lot. The member here have a lot of faith, but not all of them have a ton of knowledge. My companion and I make a good effort at winning over the members because we want them to continue to come and well, we want their help. Last week we baked cookies for a couple families that helped us a lot. Oh and I do use my IPod a lot. It is nice to be able to have music in the house. Also, momma, I do know how to cook tortillas, I just need to learn how to make the mix now. it look pretty simple mostly it is just corn. 
I love you all and pray for you daily.
Hermana Hansen

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