Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 28 (Week 4) - A Letter that came earlier than we expected.

Here is the latest letter and a couple of photos that came today:

So, I am sorry to confuse you, but because the old missionaries are
leaving tomorrow, we get to write today. President Cox said it is
probably best if families just plan to write Sunday night, then if P
day changes, we don't miss letters.

Everything is AWESOME here. I love lunch and dinner lately because we have a bunch of ice cream
here that Presidente doesn't like so he wants us to eat some at both
meals so that we can get rid of it faster.

Yesterday was a really good day. I sang in a special musical number with two other Elders and
another Hermana during Sacrament Meeting. Also we had a really good
Devotional with Presidente and Hermana Cox. She made us a really good
brownies and we all sang a mother's day song for her. Also, the
Hermanas and I did a test to see how many kids we would have and I am
supposed to have 2 boys and 6 girls.

Hey, mom could you do me a favor and look up information about BYU Hawaii for me. I have considered the idea of applying there for the Spring semester after my mission. I
only know what Hermana Klindt has told me and it doesn't sound like a
bad thing to think about. I don't know it sounds stupid, but I still
might pray about it.

Tomorrow when all the old missionaries leave, we
are going to go on field trip to a market. I am excited, I am hoping I
will find something fun to buy, maybe a blanket and a pillow too.

On a side note, I just realized I only have 2 more weeks here. After
tomorrow, we will be the old missionaries and we will be heading out.
I am excited, but really nervous. I am excited to find out who my
trainer will be. I am excited work really hard and walk a lot. I am
excited to teach real people about the gospel and help them change
their lives through Jesus Christ. But.... I am nervous for when I get
sick or when I find really big bugs in my apartment or when I get sun
burned. I feel conflicted. Then other day, one of the Latinos was
talking to Hermana Sorensen, asking her about how her Spanish is
coming along. She said it was okay. He asked why? She told him it was
really hard. His reply was perfect when he said "but you have God!"
This is so true. We should never have to be frustrated or upset or
scared, when we know we have God on our side.

I had a humbling experience the other day. During one of our lessons, our teachers told
us that their would be some rule changes starting immediately. They
said that in the mornings when we had our sports and exercise time we
would not be able to play with the basketballs and our meal times
would be made shorter. I thought I would be able to handle this, but
then they told us, our email time would be cut from an hour to a half
hour. I was angry. I can barely read all my letters in a half hour,
let alone write too. I was upset and let them know that. None of us in
our group were happy. Our teachers let us complain for about 5
minutes, then they read to us about Nephi going to get the plates.
Laman and Lemuel went too, but they murmured and complained the whole
time. They asked us, who here is being like Laman and Lemuel. We all
slowly raised our hands feeling very ashamed. Now who is like Nephi,
none of us moved. I realized then that I have been a whiner. I
complain more than I should and it is because I have been prideful.
Now, the rule changes weren't real and it was just an object lesson,
but took the lesson I learned really stuck with me. It is not enough
to just do what you are asked. You don't always need to know why or if
you will be rewarded at the end of this task. Besides, it is way
easier to do unlikable task if you have a good attitude.

Usually this is the point in the conversation where there would be an awkward
pause and I would say "I don't know" and leave it at that, but I am a
missionary now, so, I won't. The truth is, I know this gospel is true.
I know that God lives and Jesus Christ lives and is the head of this
church. I know that revelation is real and possible for all of us. I
know that the Atonement works. I know that if you have any sins or
sadnesses, the Atonement can heal you, all you have to do is ask in
faith with a real intent. I know that Jesus suffered and died for us
because he loves everyone of us. I know that this gospel changes
lives. I love the Lord and I feel his spirit witness to me that
these things are true. I know and testify of these things in the name
of Jesus Christ. Amen.     

Well, I love you all and hope to hear everything is going well.


Hermana Hansen

These are the missionaries here at the CCM, the bottom picture is our
Rama. The five of us in our district are wearing red, so you will be
able to pick us out easier, yep, we plan ahead. :)


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