Friday, May 9, 2014

Day 22 (Week 3)- The next Letter

The week before Mother's Day and here is my letter from her.

First things first: On Saturday, May 10th at 10 am Guatemala Time YOU
need call here. This will be our mother's day call. we only get ten minutes, so be
prepared. If the number doesn't work the first time try again!

Next thing. I love you so much. Our field trip was fine. We went to a
huge taco bell, it was two stories, then we went to a shopping center
where I bought sticky notes. It wasn't anything super exciting, but I
was glad to be able to be out of the gates of the CCM.

I love the missionaries here. My companions are the best and my district is so
funny. My companions call me the dust bunny. Because I have a soft
dust bunny voice and when we play four square in the mornings (it can
get intense) they say that I hit the ball with my dust bunny touch. It doesn't
make sense but it makes me laugh. Oh, momma, when you get a chance I
need you to look on Youtube for Orosco MMA fights. Elder Orosco
is in our district and is our Zone leader. He is really nice and quiet,
but I guess he is a really good fighter. I am the last one in our
district to tell my family to look him up, so make sure this gets

Sunday we had a special devotional with  Brother Lane Steinagel
who helped write preach my gospel and Elder Turley and I did a spur
of the moment special musical number of How Great Thou Art. Hermana
Cox (The President's wife) loves that song and even cried a little.

The language is going well. I have learned so much and continue to
learn everyday. We have committed both of our "investigators' to
baptism, which is really exciting. I think I have gotten pretty good
at bearing my testimony is Spanish. I love you all and know the Church
is true. I feel the spirit everyday. On Saturday ask me about my
temple experience today. I am excited to hear from you. Please don't
forget to call. 

I love you. -

Hermana Hansen

Here is her letter to her dad:

Dad,  I am doing wonderful. The language is coming along beautifully. I
feel like I can speak more and more everyday. Everyday except for P-day
and Sunday we teach two lessons in complete Spanish. It is cool to
feel the Spirit tell me what and to say and how and when to say it.

Being in a trio companionship is a little difficult sometimes,
especially when teaching, but I wouldn't trade these girls for anything.
We have become really great friends and I already told them if they
come to visit in the summer after our mission it is all late night movies,
homemade ice cream, and hanging out on the river.

I am so sorry about the way things are going for your knee. I pray for you everyday.

I hope you can find a good hunting spot this fall. If not you need to do some serious

I am excited for everybody that school is ending.That is pretty exciting. I hope you
all have a fantastic summer. The rainy season has started which means
more mosquitos are coming out. I have just added bug spray to my
morning get ready routine. It is not bad, but I have had to kill a
few bugs. I have been designated the fly killer in our class room
after I killed two of them in one day.

I get along with our district so well. We laugh all the time. On Sunday we matched and all wore blue
just for fun. Then on Monday we had a picture taken, so we all wore
red so that we point out who was in our district. I haven't gotten
that picture yet, but when I do I will forward it to you.

I haven't had to spend a lot of money yet because I haven't really bought a ton
yet, but I here if I get packages sometimes, not always, they make you
pay some money for them, but, usually it can be payed by card. I will
try to send a letter to the family, but I don't know how soon it will
get there. I plan on writing it today and sending it tomorrow, so you
will have to tell me how long it takes to get there.

Oh also our zone leader and Elder in our district Elder Orsco is going to my mission.
This is significant because he is an MMA fighter. He is really funny
and it was his idea for our distirct to match.  I hear the fights are cool to watch
and all the teachers here have seen them.

Anyways, my time is up. I love you all. You are all in my prayers. Talk to you on

-Hermana Hansen

She sounds so good and I love to hear from her.  She is halfway through her time at the MTC and will soon be out in the field. 

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