Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 15  (Week 2)- Hello from Guatemala

We received two letters this week.  One to her mom and one to her dad.  This is what she wrote to her mom.
Wow! I don't know where to start. Wednesday they gave me an antibiotic for my stomach problems and it helped so much. I feel great. The food here is AMAZING!!!! Everything is handmade. Corn tortillas everyday and ice cream every lunch. They also make awesome pastries for dinner.
I have three teachers right now. Our morning teacher is Hermana Garcia. She has so much Spirit and personality. We are also pumped about sharing the gospel after her lessons. Our night teachers are Hermano Sian and Hermano Abadillo. Hermano Abadillo was our first practice investigator, which is cool because now he knows how we teach and can help us accordingly. Hermano Sian is really calm and patient. Hermano Abadillo reminds me of Matt Montoya (Leisha's husband). He is really smart and is probably my favorite teacher.
I love my companions. Hermana Klindt is responsible and thinks logically. Hermana Sorensen is relaxed and described herself as a sort of Hippie. They are both so funny. When we are not teaching together, we are laughing together.
Tell Justin that I am keeping a journal too so that when I get back you can here all my stories including the ones I forgot. Also tell Justin to read his scriptures every night.  I love him and want him to know I miss him and talk about him all the time.
For Meagan: I don't know what to say.  I miss her and hope she is making tons of good friends. Now, as a missionary, this is something I learned this week. If you ever have a question about ANYTHING, turn to the Book of Mormon. This goes for all of you. If you pray and then read with real intent to follow the answer faith that you will get your answer, then it doesn't matter where in the Book of Mormon you read, you will get your answer, 100 percent of the time.
Momma. I have some scriptures for you to look up. I know that this is a tough time, but these scriptures helped me this week.
D&C 6:36 (if that doesn't make sense try 36:6)
​Helaman 5:12
Matthew 14:28-30
We had a devotional this week with Elder Clark of the first quorum of the seventy. It was amazing and reminded me again why I am here.
I love you momma. I pray for you and dad every morning and night.
Hermana Hansen
Hey mom! I forgot to tell you. Make sure your cell phone is charged and with you on Mother's day because I get to call you for a few minutes. I love you.
Also, I can receive things here.... like letters. There is a site called Dear Elder and you can send letters through it. If you ever need to tell me something, it is pretty fast. I love you.
My time is almost up. but you should know. I am having a great time. I am so excited to serve the Lord and bring many people to the gospel. I am not too homesick, so don't worry. No tears shed yet. I am too busy to cry. I am soaking it all in. I love my family.
Hermana Hansen.
And here is what she wrote to her dad.
First of all, I feel great!!!!. I love you dad and am glad to here from you. We are going out on a field trip today because all the old Nortes and Latinos are leaving. We will get to do some shopping and I am hoping to buy a new comb. I forgot mine at home. We have had a wonderful week full of teaching and laughing. My companions are super funny. So far, we have learned to pray in Spanish bear our testimonies in Spanish and have basic grammar lessons everyday. Thought about writing an email in Spanish, but it would take too long, so maybe I will write a letter.
I love the way it feels here. The spirit is present everyday. I love Sundays the best. Every week we have to prepare a talk and they call people randomly to speak. Of course it has to be in Spanish. I haven't had to speak yet, but I feel like it is coming. Every night except for P day and Sunday, we teach a practice investigator. We have two each day now. Next week we will probably get another. each investigator has a problem and we have to try to find out what that problem or need is and teach them accordingly.  We are also able to go to the Temple every P day. We went today and it was great.
I love you.
Hermana Hansen


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